Female Modeling Course, with Florence Devouge

Female Modeling Course, with Florence Devouge

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Teacher: Florence Devouge (With a Sugar Heart)

Course content: 6 hours of high quality video + support material in PDF

Learn to model women's figures to personalize any cake and make it unique.

Thanks to this online course on Female Modeling with Florence Devouge, you will learn to make three-dimensional figures out of sugar paste . Unfold all your creativity and create totally personalized figures for your clients and your loved ones.

The modeling of faces and figures is probably one of the most difficult subjects for those who are new to creative baking. In this course, Florence will teach you how to make figures while maintaining harmony and proportions, and how to place them in different positions . The legs, torso, arms and hands of the characters will never have secrets from you again.

You will also discover how to model the heads and faces of women , how to create beautiful eyes, a perfect nose and full lips, as well as their expressions and how to accentuate the features to adapt them to different ages. Florence will also teach you to make up, comb and dress your figures with simple and very easy techniques , so that when you finish this course you can use them together with your creativity and play to adapt your figures to any occasion. You won't believe how simple it is!

A course full of tips and tricks, and especially of many modeling techniques that you can apply in any of your designs. A perfect course for all levels, in which Florence will teach you from scratch how to model female figures that will become small works of art.


Lesson 1: Introduction

Meet Florence and discover the contents of this course from her.

Lesson 2: Modeling Pastes

Discover the different modeling pastes, and learn how and when to use each one. In addition, Florence will teach you how to dye them to achieve a perfect skin tone, and how to preserve them so that they are always ready.

Lesson 3: Girl Modeling - Legs and Torso

You will start by learning how to create the structure of a simple level figure. Making the legs and torso and giving them the typical roundness of childhood, you will get a perfect base on which to make an adorable little girl.

Lesson 4: Girl Modeling - The Head

Although it may seem the most difficult, actually modeling the head is very simple: thanks to the tricks that Florence will teach you, you will make a beautiful head in just a few minutes.

Lesson 5: Girl Modeling - Dress and Boots

A floaty and childish dress, and some fun red wellies with polka dots are the outfit chosen for this girl's games. Two simple and very versatile garments with which you will learn the basic techniques to dress your characters.

Lesson 6: Girl Modeling - Arms and Hands

The arms and hands complete this figure. In this lesson you will learn to perform them in a very simple but realistic way, and to place them in tune with the position of the character.

Lesson 7: Girl Modeling - Face, Makeup and Hairstyle

Now yes, our girl will come to life! In this lesson you will learn to do the eyes, the mouth and apply a discreet makeup. Finally, a hairstyle with a ponytail and a funny crown will make the girl the princess of the house.

Lesson 8: Woman Modeling - Head of Young and Old Woman

With female modeling you will enter a more complex level. You will learn how to make the head of an adult woman with all the details: the most sophisticated eyes, a delicate nose and full and realistic lips. In addition, you will learn how to get an old woman's head, with techniques to age the expression and features easily and quickly.

Lesson 9: Woman Modeling - Legs and Torso, Positions

Again Florence will talk to you about the internal structure of the figures, in this case to learn different positions: a woman in motion who walks, and an old woman in a sitting position. In addition, you will learn to make the legs and feet with a greater level of detail, and a much more elaborate torso.

Lesson 10: Woman Modeling - Dress, Footwear and Accessories

In this lesson, Florence will teach you how to dress an adult woman in a more elaborate outfit: skirt, blouse and jacket, complemented by matching sandals and a bag. Ready to go out! You will learn the basic techniques to be able to dress the old woman and any other character you want to perform.

Lesson 11: Woman Modeling - Face, Makeup and Hairstyle

Again, this last lesson will bring the characters in this course to life. Florence will teach you to make women's eyes with a more sophisticated finish, and to apply a more elaborate makeup on the face, eyes and lips. The final touch will be a nice hairstyle with ringlets, very easy to do. You'll love it!

Lesson 12: Setting and Character Placement

To finish, in this last lesson you will learn the secrets of pastillage, and its benefits when making elements on which to place your characters. You will learn to make a fountain where the girl plays with water, and a bench where the old woman is sitting. Finally, Florence will teach you to place all the figures and accessories on the stage where they will be presented.


Florence Devouge is one of the best-known cake designers in our country, especially for her modeling of human figures. Born in Argentina and based in Barcelona, ​​she teaches courses throughout the United States, and has been making cakes and custom modeling for several years.

Very creative and patient, she is a great teacher who teaches simple techniques adapted for all levels, helping to lay the foundations of modeling so that her students can assimilate the techniques and make the most of their creativity. Hundreds of students have passed through his courses and have learned his cake designs and modeling, made with such a level of detail that they are capable of transmitting any emotion and awakening our feelings.



When you purchase the course, you will have access to a complementary PDF download that includes:

  • Project Planning (with estimation of hours and times)
  • Complete list of Tools and Materials
  • Proportions (pieces and weights)
  • Pastillage recipe
  • Pastillage Bank Template
  • Pastillage font template
  • Inspiration Gallery


To do this course you will need some materials. If you have made pastries, surely you already have almost all of them, and if not, don't worry because they are very easy to find and quite cheap. It is also not necessary to have them all, you will see that many of them are optional or can be replaced with things you have at home.

  • Modeling paste (white for dyeing, or skin-colored)
  • Fondant (white for dyeing, or colored)
  • Paste / gel colorants: flesh color (or orange + brown), blue, black, chocolate brown, red, pink, yellow, dark green, dark red, white
  • Powder dyes: bubblegum pink, chocolate brown
  • Gold metallic edible paint
  • Edible glue and brush
  • Silicone tipped brushes for modeling
  • Basic stake set
  • Bolillo cutters
  • Assorted brushes to decorate
  • Make up brushes
  • Very sharp scalpel or knife
  • Small roller
  • Skewer sticks
  • Scissors
  • Crisco
  • Piping Gel
  • Flower formers
  • Kitchen paper
  • Small round nozzle (# 1 or 2)


When is this course held?

Anytime you want! When you buy a Cake School course it is yours forever: you will be able to watch the lessons at any time and as many times as you want. And if you have any questions during the course, you can ask them directly in the Course Forum, where the teacher and our team will help you immediately.

Do I need to have fondant modeling experience?

Not really, it's not necessary. This course is suitable for all levels, since the bases of modeling human figures are explained from scratch, and the level of difficulty is gradually increased throughout the lessons. This way you will be able to carry out modeling with a great level of detail even if you have never practiced this discipline. You will see how it is easier than it seems!

Do I need special tools to do it?

You will only need to have fondant and modeling paste, coloring, and some basic tools that you surely already have at home: stakes, scissors, a scalpel or sharp knife, brushes, edible glue, and a roller. You hardly need anything else!

Are the modeled figures edible?

Yes, the figures are made of sugar paste, so they are edible. However, you must be careful with the skewer sticks that are used to maintain the structure, you must remove them if you want to consume the figures. Although in reality your figures will be so beautiful, that you will surely be sad to eat them.

Can I make any design once the course is done?

Of course you do, and even while doing the course! Florence will teach you the basics of female figure modeling, and then you can apply her techniques to any design you want, you don't have to make the figures exactly as they have been done in this course. Playing with clothes, hairstyle or makeup, you can create women of all ages and in any position, doing any activity or recreating any situation. Imagination to the power!

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  1. Ruty -

    Good course and teacher, I'll repeat with her.

  2. Gem -

    Fantastic and very well explained, although… .. sometimes the hand covered another or the camera was not well placed, but otherwise very well, thank you

    • Cake School -

      Hello Gema !! We are working on it, in a few days the video will be updated and you will see that it is seen in great detail 😉 Thank you for your comment, a hug!

  3. fadia67 -

    I really like it, I have been watching a bit of the videos, although I have not started working yet - I will do it shortly.

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    The course is perfect, it teaches you to model in a very easy way. Florence explains it great and the video quality is great, perfect

  6. Diana G. -

    Delighted with Florence. I really like the course, the way of explaining it and all the details.

  7. Anna S. -

    I had never dared to model figures and this is my first course, it has been great, I have loved modeling

  8. Azucena -

    Great job from Florence and the course very well, good image and sound and well explained, Florence is the best!

  9. Laura A. -

    Fantastic, a great course

  10. Mª Luisa -

    The course is wonderful, I have not missed anything

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