Albie Hodder has handed over a check for £310 to Autism Hampshire after selling hundreds of his pastries to teaching staff at Ark Ayrton Primary Academy.

Albie started fundraising when he joined Year 6 in September, designing his own pastry logo, brand name and packaging.

The idea was planted after his teachers devised a specialist program involving baking and shopping skills that would help Albie cope with his own autism diagnosis.

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Albie Hodder has raised £310 for Autism Hampshire.

Albie wanted to donate to Autism Hampshire to give back to those going through similar struggles.

He said: “I’m proud to have raised this amount of money.

“I like to go for all the ingredients to make it something better. It is important for me to help people in need like me who are autistic.

“I’m glad it’s going to people who are struggling like me.”

A representative from Autism Hampshire came to meet Albie to congratulate him on his generosity.

He was surprised with an Autism Hampshire t-shirt and a bag of charity wristbands to distribute to staff and pupils to raise awareness.

Her teacher, Chantelle Robinson said: ‘[Autism Hampshire] were thrilled to have raised so much money from something that started so small.

“To see that he’s able to do something like this even though he’s in a regular school is awesome.” We were able to create a program suitable for children with autism and support them.

“When he joined, he was struggling to make the transition. We came up with this to give him something he would really appreciate.