American Pastry Online Course, with Bea Roque

American Pastry Online Course, with Bea Roque

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Teacher: Bea Roque (El Rincón de Bea)

Course content: 3 hours of HD video + extra content and recipes in PDF

If you like American pastries, you cannot miss this course with Bea Roque, in which you will learn all the secrets to make the most representative and traditional recipes of this style of baking. Bundt Cakes, cheesecakes, apple pies, monkey breads, brownies, muffins ... they will stop being a challenge for you and will become your favorite recipes at any time of the year. You will never imagine that baking delicious desserts is so easy and fast!

Bea will teach you step by step how to prepare and bake the richest and most traditional desserts in American and Anglo-Saxon pastries, so that the result is incredible whenever you prepare them. From the delicious and fluffy Angel Fook Cake or the most glorious NY cheesecake, to a juicy Banana Bread, a fun Monkey Bread, the traditional Apple Pie or the brownie with Oreos, to the Red Velvet Bundt Cake, the blueberry muffins or the peanut butter cookies with chocolate kisses. There are recipes for all tastes!

Also discover with Bea all the secrets so that your preparations always turn out well: learn to take care of your molds, to prepare the ingredients, to make any dough by hand, or even techniques as basic as making a meringue or whipping any dough without cutting it. .

Bea will reveal all her tricks to you and share with you her experience, of more than 10 years specialized in American pastries, so that you can elaborate this entire repertoire of sweets and always have guaranteed success.

An unmissable course for any pastry lover!


Lesson 1: Introduction

Meet Bea and discover all the wonderful recipes that the blogger will teach you in this course.

Lesson 2: Recipe - Monkey Bread

A very soft, raised brioche dough, the pieces of which are coated in sugar and cinnamon. To be eaten in pinches just out of the oven. This recipe is easy and kids love it!

Lesson 3: Recipe - Apple Cinammon Pie

It is often said that there is nothing more American than an apple pie. It's funny because there were no apples in America until the Europeans arrived. In any case, it is a classic dessert that is very easy to make. Once you get over your fear of the dough, everything will be easy.

Lesson 4: Recipe - New York CheeseCake

The most coveted of cheesecakes, in its traditional version: soft, fluffy, moist, with its juicy crust… a real delight! You will learn all the tricks to make it with the authentic and traditional recipe. In addition, you will also learn the recipe in a vanilla version ...

Lesson 5: Blueberry Muffins

Muffins are one of the most versatile preparations. No other type of pastry offers such high performance for so little effort. They are astonishingly simple, you can prepare them in half an hour and have a delicious breakfast effortlessly. You will repeat them over and over again!

Lesson 6: Oreo Brownie

The juiciness and smoothness of the brownie is contrasted in this recipe with the small crunchy Oreos ... Again, an amazingly easy recipe that you can prepare very quickly and have it ready in less than half an hour. This brownie will seduce you, no matter where you look at it.

Lesson 7: Banana Bread

One of the most classic sweet breads in American pastries, perfect to take with a vanilla or chocolate shake, and very quick to make. It's also great to make in the evening for breakfast or a snack - it's delicious!

Lesson 8: Peanut Butter Blossoms

These peanut butter cookies with chocolate kisses are a real treat for any palate. They can be baked and stored in a tin for weeks, so we can have them on hand for any unexpected visit, to accompany coffee and indulge ourselves, or for any occasion.

Lesson 9: Red Velvet Bundt Cake

The Red Velvet Bundt Cake is one of the most striking recipes that we can find. Its super intense red color and its creamy and velvety texture make it an exquisite sponge cake and very easy to make. You will learn the recipe and the tricks so that it always looks perfect on you.

Lesson 10: Angel Food Cake

Finally, the Angel Food Cake, a delicious meringue cake with a texture that looks like a cloud, hence its name. Fluffy, cuddly, smooth, when you eat it it feels like you're taking a bite of super light mousse. You'll love it!



• Table of measurements and equivalences
• List of Tools and Materials
• Course recipes with detailed explanations


• 1 Anniversary Mold of 12-15 cups Nordic Ware
• 1 cookie sheet
• 1 normal size cupcake tray and 24 white greaseproof capsules
• 1 Wilton brownie pan 20 x 20
• 1 Wilton elongated cake pan of 21 cm
• 1 removable foot mold (For example from Tala) If not one of Pyrex tartlets

• KitchenAid-type mixer with rods, kneader and paddle
• Rotating roller
• Metal measuring spoons
• NordicWare blue thermometer
• Release spray
• Silicone brush
• 1 bakery brush (to remove excess flour)
• 2 large strainers
• 1 small strainer (to strain lemon juice)
• 1 Microplane grater
• Silicone spatulas (large and small)
• Metal rods (1 small and 1 large)
• Glass bowls (2 large and 4 small)
• Glass measuring jug
• Cooling grids
• Saw knife
• Peeling knife
• Kitchen paper
• Weighing machine
• Baking paper
• Albal paper
• Film paper
• 1 Kg of chickpeas or weights to bake the pie dough in white.
• Dough cutter with smooth and curly blade
• 1 stirrup
• 1 apple corer


Bea Roque is one of the best known pastry bloggers in our country. Of Galician, Madrid and English origin, she lives in Tenerife with her inseparable Antonio and his three beautiful kittens.

After 10 years writing her blog and 2 published cookbooks, Bea is at the best moment of her pastry career: dedicated body and soul to her passion, American pastry, preparing her third book and teaching courses throughout the United States.

A great pastry chef and a great person, Bea is an excellent teacher, very didactic and generous sharing all her tricks, secrets and pastry knowledge. Taking a course with her is a real pleasure, one always comes out wanting to start baking and with the feeling of having squeezed all their knowledge. And if after taking a course with her you want to thank her for her dedication and passion, let us tell you that she is crazy about cookbooks in English, she never has enough!


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