Evie, 2, became an internet sensation thanks to her online baking show that her mother posts on Facebook for the whole world to see.

Viral online baking show for toddlers

Keeping a toddler entertained during these times of quarantine can be a bit difficult. For mother of two Callie Bauleke, she certainly hit the jackpot when she found out her toddler Evie is in love with cooking and entertained the internet with a weekly cooking show. Now the two-year-old has gone viral with her online baking show where she can be seen mixing, measuring, pouring and stirring as she pleases!

The show is called Evie’s quarantine kitchen and you can watch an episode every Wednesday about Evie’s mom Callie Bauleke, The Facebook page. With her apron and chef’s hat, little Evie steals the show with her contagious smile and sparkling personality. “Welcome to my show!” Evie announces it at the beginning of one of her videos. Over the months, Callie has featured a weekly video showing off Evie’s cooking skills, which has captured the hearts of those around her.

Recently, two-year-old Evie was featured on KXAN, where his story was presented. “What do you like to cook? The KXAN reporter asked. “Cookies!” Evie responded charmingly. The reporter quickly learned how to cook with a toddler; with a hand mixer and between bites of chocolate and tablespoons, the pair made Evie’s famous cookies. Evie’s flight charm is almost as sweet as her cookies!

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If you can’t believe a two-year-old baker is taking the internet by storm, then check out her weekly cooking show. The comments section is inundated with praise and support for little Evie and if that’s not enough, the Michelin-starred chef has even been featured on CBS this morning. Talk about excitement! It’s a memory Evie will surely always remember, giving the joy she now experiences when she sees herself on TV. “It was me!” she said with pure happiness as she noticed herself in the news segment.

If you can’t wait to get your little one involved in the kitchen or just need something new to do in these COVID times, you can! Do not worry ; these four tips can help you get your kids involved in the kitchen.

  • Think in stages. Children as young as two (like our baker Evie!) Can help out in the kitchen. At first, letting your little one rinse off the produce is a good step to introduce cooking fun.
  • Encourage creativity. You can do this by asking your child if they have any ideas on what they would like to do. Involving them in choosing the recipe may generate some interest in helping. Try to buy cookbooks suitable for children.
  • Remember that damage is going to happen. Sometimes helping feels like an overturned sack of flour, and that’s perfectly fine.
  • Embrace success. When you recognize your child’s cooking skills, big or small, it will make a positive experience. By introducing your child to cooking from the start, you are giving them important life skills

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