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MEMPHIS, Tennessee (WREG) – Staying home in these COVID-19 times isn’t easy, but a little girl named Evie is making it easier.

The 2-year-old girl is a baker and every Wednesday puts on her apron and chef’s hat, prepares the ingredients and starts recording her show.

“Are you ready to cook with me?” she asks in a video.

When a reporter stopped by, she was quickly taught how to cook by a toddler with a hand mixer. Between bites of chocolate and tablespoons, the duo made the famous Evie cookies.

And if you are wondering how famous they are, Evie made an appearance on CBS This Morning.

It’s an experience you can bet she enjoys revisiting anytime.

“It’s me!” she exclaimed in a video showing the little girl watching the segment. “It was me!”

If her personality and culinary skills are any indication, this won’t be the last time she will make an appearance on television. She has thousands of views online and loves what she does.

You can watch Evie’s Quarantine Cooking every Wednesday at her mom’s Facebook page.

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