Flower Modeling Course, with Susanna Ruggerini

Flower Modeling Course, with Susanna Ruggerini

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Teacher: Susanna Ruggerini

Course Content: 4 hours of high quality video + PDF support materials

Learn how to model realistic fondant flowers to personalize any cake and make it unique.

With the Flower Modeling course, by Susanna Ruggerini, you will learn how to make beautiful bouquets of edible flowers that will give life to your creations . Let your creativity fly and let the flowers flood the cakes for your family and loved ones. A classic and wonderful decoration that always impresses and never goes out of style.

Decorating with sugar flowers is one of the most elegant to present a cake, and is often the most difficult for fans of creative pastry. In this course, Susanna will teach you how to make realistic flowers highlighting all the details of the stem, petals, ribs, pistils, as well as how to assemble the flower bouquets and place them on your cake.

You will learn how to model a wonderful and impressive dahlia, wild clematis that will add a touch of color, and a beautiful hanging freesia that will give the romantic touch. In addition to texturing them, coloring them, forming their leaves, you will learn how to capture even the smallest details in sugar so that each flower is a perfect and unique reproduction of these beautiful flowers.

Even if you have never made sugar flowers, Susanna will guide you step by step and teach you simple techniques that you can easily reproduce at home, so that your flowers are always as striking and precious as if you have been making them all your life. In addition, the techniques that you will learn can be applied to any type of flower, and when you finish this course you will be able to make any flower you want with an equally spectacular result.

A course full of tricks, tips and techniques, and above all of many different ideas that you can apply in any of your floral designs. Perfect for all levels! Don't think twice and sign up now and let yourself fall in love with edible flowers.


Lesson 1: Introduction

Meet Susanna Ruggerini and discover the flowers and techniques that you will learn during the course.

Lesson 2: Dahlia: Flower Modeling

You will learn how to make the dahlia flower in sugar paste. From the center with its small petals, to the largest wired petals, the chalice, and to give it color and mount it. A very complete lesson.

Lesson 3: Dahlia: Leaves and Flower Assembly

In the next lesson, you will learn how to shape dahlia leaves, color them with advanced techniques, and assemble all the pieces to get the finished dahlia.

Lesson 4: The Clematis

This delicate flower with the most elaborate center and elongated petals is perfect for filling your bouquets. Learn to make it entirely, from the stamens to the petals, and to paint and assemble it with its leaves and buds.

Lesson 5: Freesia

One of the most romantic and striking flowers on cakes, freesia, will be the protagonist of this lesson. Susanna will teach you how to make flower stems in different stages of flowering. And of course, everything manually, including the pistil and stamens. A beautiful flower!

Lesson 6: Custom Ribs

In this special chapter, Susanna will reveal her trick to make your own ribs. The application of textures on your petals and leaves will help you achieve a much more realistic result, and of course, his professional tricks will help you make the textures in your own home.

Lesson 7: Assembling Bouquets

Susanna will teach you how to assemble the bouquets of this cake, and she will give you some tricks for assembling harmonic and balanced bouquets. A lesson with very valuable information for your future projects.

Lesson 8: Placing on the cake

To finish, you will place the bouquets created on the cake, and you will know the different ways that there are to do it with total safety for consumption. Very important!


Susanna Ruggerini , an Italian based in Tarragona, has a wonderful talent for creating hyper realistic sugar flowers. For more than 6 years she has been dedicated to the world of confectionery, but it was 5 years ago when she discovered sugar flowers and fell in love with them, making them her specialty and dedicating herself almost exclusively to them.

Currently she is dedicated to teaching flower modeling courses throughout the United States and part of the foreign, and between years, her great hobby is modeling incredible flowers with which she participates in international competitions. Thanks to this, it has won 6 gold medals at the most prestigious fairs and as many other awards. She enjoys modeling, but even more so, sharing her knowledge with all flower lovers like her.



By enrolling in the course, you will have access to download a complimentary PDF that includes:

  • Measurements and equivalences in Pastry
  • List of Tools and Materials (and substitutions)
  • Course flowers: Dahlia, clematis, freesia
  • The flower paste: characteristics, recipe, care, conservation
  • Tips and tricks for modeling flowers
  • How to get more realistic flowers
  • Floral design in confectionery: sugar bouquets
  • How to Make Leaves and Petals Without Cutters


To do this course you will need some materials. If you have made pastries, surely you already have almost all of them, and if not, don't worry because they are very easy to find and quite cheap. It is also not necessary to have them all, and during the course we will give you tricks to replace some tools with things you have at home, in case you do not have it.

For the dahlia:

  • 8 petal flower cutter (center and calyx of the dahlia)
  • Dahlia cutter various sizes (medium and large petals)
  • Ruscus leaf cutter (dahlia leaves)
  • Dahlia Petal Veiner
  • Basic Leaf Veiner

For the clematis:

  • Ruscus leaf / long leaf petal cutters (for petals)
  • Basic leaf cutters (for the leaves)
  • Lily Petal Veiner
  • Basic Leaf Veiner

For the freesia:

  • 4 Petal Flower Cutter (Open Flowers)

For flowers in general:

  • White floral ribbon
  • Flower paste (yellow, green, white)
  • White floral wire, in various sizes (18, 22, 26, 36)
  • Light green floral ribbon
  • White floral ribbon
  • Powder colorants: white, yellow, lime green, leaf green, orange, coral, burgundy, purple, purple.
  • Non-slip table / work surface
  • Medium roller + small roller
  • Vegetable fat (butter / sunflower oil / release spray)
  • Sachet with cornstarch
  • Foam mat for flowers
  • Bolillo cutters
  • Dresden stake
  • Kitchen paper
  • Pasteurized Egg White / Edible Glue
  • Glue brush
  • Assorted flat brushes
  • Pliers
  • Small scissors
  • Scalpel / Stake Cutter with Cutting Wheel
  • Awl or skewer stick
  • Curved tip forceps
  • Cork to nail the flowers
  • Edible white alcohol (vodka)
  • White thread
  • Glazed varnish (liquid or spray)


When is this course held?

Anytime you want! When you buy a Cake School course it is yours forever: you will be able to watch the lessons at any time and as many times as you want. And if you have any questions during the course, you can ask them directly in the Course Forum, where the teacher and our team will help you immediately.

Do I need to have fondant modeling experience?

Not really, it's not necessary. This course is suitable for all levels, since the basics of flower modeling are explained from scratch, and by following the explanations step by step you will get to perfect your creations. This way you will be able to carry out modeling with a great level of detail even if you have never practiced this discipline. You will see that it is easier than it seems!

Do I need special tools to do it?

You will only need to have fondant and modeling paste, coloring, and some basic tools that you surely already have at home: stakes, scissors, a scalpel or sharp knife, brushes, edible glue, and a roller. You hardly need anything else!

Are the patterned flowers edible?

Yes, the flowers are made in sugar paste, so they are edible. However, you must be careful with the wires that are used to maintain the structure, you must remove them if you want to consume the figures. Although in reality your flowers will be so beautiful, you will surely be sad to eat them.

Can I make any design once the course is done?

Of course, it all depends on your imagination! Susanna will teach you the basics of modeling and you can then apply her techniques to any design you want, you don't have to make the same flowers that have been made in this course.

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  1. Isabel Olmeda Oliva -

    It is very well explained, it is very clear and precise. I just can't find the exact colors of purple and lilac. If you can say the brand or where to find them I would appreciate it. Greetings and thanks for such an interesting course.

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    a perfect course

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    One of the best online courses I have ever done, the course and the attached materials are very complete, and the teacher is great!

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    Fantastic, Susanna is a great professional and her flowers are an absolute delicacy, it is a luxury to be able to do an online course with her for those of us who are far away, thank you very much

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