Structure Cakes Course, with Florence Devouge

Structure Cakes Course, with Florence Devouge

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Teacher: Florence Devouge

Course content: 6 hours of HD video + extra content in PDF

Structured cakes are increasingly present in the world of confectionery. In this online course you will learn with Florence Devouge all the secrets to make cakes in three dimensions with carved cake and interior structure. Learn to build structures that are super stable and adaptable to any cake design: put your creativity to the test with all kinds of shapes, positions and sizes.

Whether you are a beginner or have already made your first structure cakes, you will love this course. If you have never made a structure cake, you will learn how to make it from scratch step by step, from what are the best materials, where to buy them and how to prepare them, to their assembly and the carving and decoration of the cakes. And if you have already made a structure cake, you will learn a lot of tips and tricks to make more complex structures and decorate your cakes. You will discover that making cakes with internal structure is much easier than it seems!

More than 6 hours of online course to learn the techniques and processes to make your own cake structure at home. Florence will share with you all her professional tips and tricks so that your cake has a perfect finish : thanks to the modeling techniques with plastic chocolate and fondant, the textures and colors, your cakes will have another level.

Before starting to decorate the cake, you will learn step by step how to assemble the base: the materials you need, where and how to buy them, how to prepare and isolate them safely ... Florence will teach you how to prepare all the materials, or if you prefer, you can buy directly a Materials Kit in the private area of ​​the course , with all the elements you will need to build a structure for a character. Easier, impossible!

A course for all levels full of tricks, tips and techniques that Florence will explain to you from scratch, so that your cakes with internal structure are safe, stable, cheap, delicious and above all, impressive. Register now and enjoy creating spectacular cakes!


Lesson 1: Introduction

Meet Florence and discover the techniques and design that you will learn to do in this course.

Lesson 2: Materials and Tools

Before starting, Florence will talk to you about the materials and tools you will need to assemble the structure of your cakes. He will give you tips on how to prepare them, and tips based on his own experience.

Lesson 3: Structure - Bottom

The first step in assembling this cake will be the bottom of the structure. You will design the base on which to start building your cake, joining all the pieces and learning the secrets so that the foundations of your construction are stable and safe.

Lesson 4: Sponge Cake - Bottom

Once the base is assembled, we will put the first part of cakes. We will learn to perfectly carve and ganache the cakes to get a perfect base on which to shape our design.

Lesson 5: Structure - Top

Once the bottom of the cake is ready, we will go up a new floor in the structure to put the arms, neck and head of our friendly cat. You will learn how to perfectly insulate the structure to guarantee the food safety of your cake.

Lesson 6: Sponge Cake - Top

To finish the first part of the course, we will carve and ganache a more complex shape: the face and head of our cat. After taking this lesson, you won't be able to resist any shape or design!

Lesson 7: Plastic & Textured Chocolate

Now is the time for fun, let your creativity fly! You will learn to shape and model the body of our cat. In this lesson we will make the legs, and the head, and we will learn all the secrets to modeling with plastic chocolate and giving it texture.

Lesson 8: Modeling - Face and Eyes

Once the head is made, we are going to model the face. First we will shape it with plastic chocolate and then we will cover it with a combination of plastic chocolate and fondant. You will learn how to give shapes and volumes, how to model the parts of the face, and again, to texturize and shape your design.

Lesson 9: Modeling - Cap and Ears

With the face ready, we will finish the top of the head. Florence will teach you how to make a cute hat for the kitten, and build ears for it. You will apply various texturing techniques that you can apply to any design.

Lesson 10: Modeling - Jersey and Arms

At this point, we will need to dress our kitten and put the last parts on it. In this lesson, you will learn how to dress him in a blue sweater. Florence will teach you the tricks to dress any character, you will learn how to hide seams, how to texturize, how to give movement and shapes ...

Lesson 11: Decorating the Base. Legs and Tail Modeling

To finish, you will learn to decorate the base with edible paint, on which to present your cake. Then we will apply the details of the legs and the tail, and we will finish texturing the entire design.

Lesson 12: Final Decoration

And to finish, Florence will teach you to nuance and give depth to the design through the painting of the cake. With powder colorants you will learn to highlight textures and give light and shadow to the design. With these last touches, your cake will be spectacular!


Florence Devouge is one of the best-known cake designers in our country, especially for her modeling of human figures. Born in Argentina and based in Barcelona, ​​she teaches courses throughout the United States, and has been making cakes and custom modeling for several years.

Very creative and patient, she is a great teacher who teaches simple techniques adapted for all levels, helping to lay the foundations of modeling so that her students can assimilate the techniques and make the most of their creativity. Hundreds of students have passed through his courses and have learned his cake designs and modeling, made with such a level of detail that they are capable of transmitting any emotion and awakening our feelings.



  • Table of measurements and equivalences
  • Project planning
  • List of Tools and Materials
  • Structure assembly diagram
  • Templates for the structure
  • Course recipes
  • Inspiration Gallery


  • Board for the base
  • Foamboard for the base
  • Pieces for the structure (detailed in the PDF of the course)
  • Contact glue / hot melt
  • Wire and floral tape
  • Pliers
  • Scissors
  • Rule
  • Film paper
  • Precision cutter


  • Cupcakes
  • Dark chocolate ganache
  • Black plastic chocolate
  • White fondant
  • Roller
  • Straightener
  • Cornstarch or icing sugar
  • Saw knife
  • Spatula
  • Ganaché straightener
  • Turquoise, red, pink, white, black fondant
  • Dark blue, dark red, black powder dye
  • Edible glue, brush
  • Modeling stakes
  • Seam marker
  • Kitchen paper
  • Small scissors


When is this course held?

Anytime you want! When you buy a Cake School course it is yours forever: you will be able to watch the lessons at any time and as many times as you want. And if you have any questions during the course, you can ask them directly in the Course Forum, where the teacher and our team will help you immediately and unlimitedly.

What materials do I need to do the course?

You will need some special materials when making your cake, but nothing so strange that you cannot buy in any local hardware store or in large stores. However, in the course you will find a complete list of materials.

Can I make other designs from this course?

Of course yes, that is the grace of our courses. From this design, you can change the decoration to adapt it to any other character: animals or people. And when you make your own design, we'd love to hear you share the result with us!

What if I have doubts, or I can't find the materials to make my Illuminated Cakes?

At Baking Pastry School you also have the option of buying a Product Kit directly from the teacher, and we will send it to your home. This kit includes all the materials you need to make a structure of a character (animal or person), or to make your own design. Once you sign up for the course, don't forget to check the "Product Kits" tab in the private area to see more details and get this kit. Easier, impossible!

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  1. Lorena Cebrián -

    Fantastic Florence and this course, I will make this cake for my children's birthday, very well explained and it makes it look so easy! Thank you Florence

  2. Sandra -

    At the moment I'm just looking at the videos to prepare a little and it's excellent, very well explained and a great step by step… I hope to do it well….

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