Illuminated Tarts Course, with Daniel Casero

Illuminated Tarts Course, with Daniel Casero

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Teacher: Daniel Casero (The Puppy Tarts)

Course content: 3 hours of HD video + extra content in PDF

Cakes with light are the order of the day, and more and more people demand them for their special events. Discover with Daniel Casero, one of the benchmarks in our country in the elaboration of cakes with lighting, all the tricks and secrets to apply lighting effects to your cakes safely for consumption , and to take full advantage of illuminated designs and their Applications.

Whether you are an amateur and want to light cakes for special occasions, or if you are a professional and want to make cakes with light for your clients, this course is for you. Through 9 lessons, Daniel will teach you to make a safe light installation for consumption and completely isolated from the cake, with materials that are very easy to find and inexpensive, and in a very simple way. You will see how making illuminated cakes is much easier and cheaper than you think!

Before starting to decorate the cake, you will learn step by step how to assemble the base: the materials you need, where and how to buy them, how to prepare and isolate them safely, and maintaining the aesthetics of your design. In addition, Daniel will explain in great detail the lighting system that you are going to use in this course as well as its parts and some basic notions so that the light and the installation are appropriate for each occasion, safe and durable . And if you prefer, in the private area of ​​the course you can also purchase a Kit of Materials with all the elements you will need to create your cake. Easier, impossible!

You will also discover how to make this project with materials that will allow you to get the most out of the lighting of the cake, making incredible light and shadow effects, and all this in a design that is easily adaptable to any occasion: just by changing the silhouettes and the letters. , you can make different cake designs for any occasion.

And if you are a professional, you will also learn how to carry out the entire installation making the most of the materials , so that making your lighted cakes is super economical. You can even reuse the lighting system and the installation for other cakes, and best of all, Daniel will explain how to calculate the price of a cake with lighting when selling it to your customers . Information that is priceless!

A course for all levels full of tricks, tips and techniques that Daniel will explain to you from scratch, so that your illuminated cakes are safe, economical, delicious and above all, impressive. Sign up now and be dazzled by the Illuminated Cakes!


Lesson 1: Introduction

Meet Daniel and discover with him everything you are going to learn in this course.

Lesson 2: Assembling the Cake

Before starting, Daniel will teach you how to assemble the cake on its presentation base, how to ganache it and prepare it.

Lesson 3: Decorations on wafer paper

Wafer paper will undoubtedly be a great ally in your illuminated decorations, due to its versatility and ease of use. A very economical and grateful material with which to prepare all the decorative frames and silhouettes that make up the design of this cake.

Lesson 4: Preparing the Base

In this lesson, you will learn how to prepare the base to accommodate the safe lighting installation. Daniel will teach you how to perfectly isolate the cake and how to prepare everything so that the system is reliable and, moreover, reusable.

Lesson 5: Luminous Sign

Learn step by step how to make a luminous sign that you will use as a cake topper. An easy yet impressive way to personalize any lighted cake.

Lesson 6: Light System

In this lesson Daniel is going to teach you each and every one of the parts that make up the cake light system, showing you the various options that you have in the market for its assembly, and explaining the basic notions to know how to choose each piece and how to install. Don't panic, it's much easier than it sounds!

Lesson 7: Light and Cake Assembly

The moment of truth has arrived: let's put the lights on the cake! First you will line the cake with fondant, and then Daniel will show you how to install the entire lighting system.

Lesson 8: Cake Decorating

Finally, you will learn how to decorate the cake with all the pieces that you have created on wafer paper, and Daniel will explain how to make the plays of light and shadow to get the most out of this type of decoration. You will also place the top sign on the cake, and you will finish decorating it.

Lesson 9: Lighting the Cake

A tradition in all Daniel courses, it's time to light the cake! We are going to check that everything works correctly and discover the final result. It is sure to leave you speechless!


Daniel Casero , also known for his page Las Tartas del Cachorro , is a cake designer located in Murcia (United States). Since he discovered this world more than three years ago, he has specialized in making cakes with structures that defy gravity and in incorporating lights into his creations.

Currently he is dedicated to successfully teaching illuminated cake courses throughout the Spanish geography, putting light on many sweet creations and providing a point of original and a new way of making creative pastries. His way of teaching, close and friendly, and sharing all his tricks and extensive knowledge, have made him one of the benchmarks when it comes to training in this country.



  • Table of measurements and equivalences
  • Project planning
  • List of Tools and Materials
  • Lighting system and common troubleshooting
  • Assembly scheme
  • Base preparation
  • Preparation of decoration
  • Recipes for making the cake
  • Printing document for decorations


  • Board with legs for the base
  • Polystyrene base
  • Cutter or knife to cut porex and fine grain sandpaper.
  • 1 thin rice paper sheet
  • 250 gr. black fondant
  • Spray with water
  • Led strip with power supply (detailed in the course PDF)


  • Biscuit
  • Dark chocolate ganache
  • White fondant
  • Roller
  • Straightener
  • Cornstarch or icing sugar
  • Lyre or serrated knife
  • Palette
  • Rice paper
  • Blade, scissors, pencil
  • Piping gel and brush
  • Black paste coloring
  • Floral wire
  • Black fondant
  • Pliers


When is this course held?

Anytime you want! When you buy a Cake School course it is yours forever: you will be able to watch the lessons at any time and as many times as you want. And if you have any questions during the course, you can ask them directly in the Course Forum, where the teacher and our team will help you immediately and unlimitedly.

What materials do I need to do the course?

You will need some special materials when making your cake, but nothing so strange that you cannot buy in any local hardware store or in large stores. However, in the course you will find a complete list of materials and places to buy them.

Can I make other designs from this course?

Of course yes, that is the grace of our courses. From this design, you can change the silhouettes and the letters of the luminous poster to adapt it to any other occasion or event. During the course Daniel will explain how to do it step by step. And when you make your own design, we'd love to hear you share the result with us!

Do I need knowledge of electronics or lighting to take this course?

Not at all! The installation that we will use for this course is extremely simple, and Daniel will give you all the information you need to do it yourself safely and very easily. In addition, in the PDF of the course you will find very detailed and easy to understand explanations so that you can assemble your own lighting system, it is much easier than it seems!

What if I have doubts, or I can't find the materials to make my Illuminated Cakes?

At Baking Pastry School you also have the option of buying a Product Kit directly from the teacher, and we will send it to your home. This kit includes all the materials you need to make this cake, or to make your own design. Once you sign up for the course, don't forget to check the "Product Kits" tab in the private area to see more details and get this kit. Easier, impossible!

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  1. Jennyjacome -

    Congratulations Daniel, very good detailed and super interesting course.

  2. Irene -

    Irene Sanchez

    First of all I would like to congratulate Daniel for the course he is giving us, and yes,
    I say give away, since being able to buy the technique he uses to illuminate his
    cakes seem like a gift to me. I'm enjoying it immensely, you are a follower
    of Daniel's jobs for a long time and I love what he does. It seemed to me
    magnifies the way of transmitting that he has, since he has not left detail in the
    air and has expressed in a simple way the steps to follow. Therefore thanks to
    Daniel for transmitting his knowledge, and thanks to you for offering me the
    opportunity to reach it in a comfortable and simple way.
    I hope to be able to share a course with you again.
    I take this opportunity to wish you all a sweet and very happy 2017

  3. Clorinda Ophelia -

    I loved!

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