Cookie Craft Intermediate Course, with Aixa Zunino

Cookie Craft Intermediate Course, with Aixa Zunino

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Teacher: Aixa Zunino (Dolce Sentire)

Course content: 5 hours of high quality video + support material in PDF

Do you want to decorate cookies like a true professional? Well this course is for you. Make your own cookies and decorate them with advanced painting and decorating techniques . A step-by-step online course, from the internationally recognized teacher and decorator Aixa Zunino, from Dolce Sentire .

With the intermediate-advanced cookie decorating course Cookie Craft, you will discover all the painting and decorating techniques necessary to make truly unique cookies . You can make small works of art to give and enjoy, no one will be indifferent to your creations.

Aixa will teach you in this step-by-step course how to decorate cookies with different painting techniques, volumes, 3D effects, applications in fondant, wafer paper or icing ... You will learn painting theory and the best tricks of Aixa to paint figures and human faces, motifs of nature such as roses, wild flowers, leaves, branches, animals ... And the best thing, you will discover how to make fashionable effects on your cookies: aged, crackle, plumage, fur, hair, lights and shadows, wood ...

A course full of techniques and content that you will love, and that you can use to apply on any type of cookie. But not only that, because Aixa will also teach you all her secrets when it comes to decorating cookies, even how to fix your cookies when you make a mistake or something breaks!

This is an advanced course, so you will need to have some notion in making icing and decorating cookies . If you have never made decorated cookies before, we advise you to enroll before in the Scrap Cookies Basic Cookies Course , also available at the Cake School. Do not miss the opportunity to learn with Aixa, with its two online courses and a little practice, you will be able to become a cookie artist much faster than you think!

Aixa will take you by the hand and teach you step by step how to decorate your cookies, with simple techniques so that you can follow the detailed explanations and progress at your own pace . What more could you want?


Lesson 1: Introduction

Meet the teacher and discover everything you are going to learn in this course, as well as the techniques and designs that you are going to make in it.

Lesson 2: 3D Cookie - Forest Bunny

Learn to trace your drawings on the cookies with this painting of an adorable bunny. In addition, Aixa will teach you the basics of painting animals and making the fur effect, and how to decorate a beautiful wooden base on which to mount this 3D bunny.

Lesson 3: Decorated Cookie - Roses and Leaves

In this lesson you will learn the basics of painting flowers and leaves, through a classic design of elegant roses. Delve into the theory of light and shadows and discover how to make any type of petal and flower.

Lesson 4: Decorated Cookie - Tea Time

Discover how to make a human figure painting through this funny girl having tea. Learn to frame human features, faces, how to make hair and how to give volume to clothing through paint on icing.

Lesson 5: Decorated cookie - Birds in love

With the biscuit of little birds in love you will discover how to paint on icing in volume, and how to make beautiful plumage effects and textures with icing. Some advanced techniques that you can use to make any cookie design you want.

Lesson 6: Decorated Cookie - Woman's Face

Aixa will teach you how to prepare a base with a rustic effect and the application of stencils, on which you will later paint the face of a beautiful woman in volume. In this lesson you will learn how to turn your photos into cookies and how to paint perfect human faces in detail. Will you dare to create portraits of your loved ones after this? Surely yes!

Lesson 7: Cookie Set - En Provence

Finally, you will finish the course with a Provencal set that combines all the fashionable styles: crackle on the base, a must in cookie decoration, with a vintage aged effect, romantic motifs and wafer paper applications, which will transport you directly to French Provence. Let yourself go!


Aixa Zunino is passionate about decorating cookies and the art world. Four years ago she decided to go on her sweetest and most creative path, dedicating herself entirely to her Dolce Sentire blog and teaching cookie decorating courses. His designs radiate creativity and sweetness, and he has a very distinctive and easily recognizable style.

Aixa teaches private courses in her workshop and in baking schools throughout the United States, in addition to being a collaborator and trainer at Cookie Connection and having been nominated for best teacher worldwide, along with great figures in the United States pastry.

Argentine by birth, Italian by heart and Spanish by adoption (as she defines herself), she has a curious and persevering character, which leads her to want to continue learning new techniques day by day and perfecting all the details. His delicacy and dedication are visible in all his creations. Without a doubt, a very close teacher, who will teach you each and every one of her secrets and will not rest until your cookies are beautiful and perfect.



  • Table of measurements and equivalences
  • Vanilla Chocolate Cookie Recipe
  • Tips and tricks to get perfect cookies
  • Glaze recipe
  • Icing consistencies
  • Tips and tricks for icing
  • Tips on Cookie Materials
  • Complete list of tools and supplies for each cookie
  • Special food dehydrators
  • Techniques for decorating cookies
  • Drying times for icing
  • Drawings and templates used in the course, ready to print


  • Baked cookies (recipes, tips and tricks in the course PDF)
  • Cutters (in the PDF you will find a discount for the Aixa cutters collection)
  • Royal icing of different consistencies (recipe, tips and preparation in the course PDF)
  • Paste / gel colorants
  • Powder dyes
  • Edible ink markers
  • Disposable pastry sleeves
  • Adapters for sleeves
  • Assorted Nozzles (# 1 PME # 2 PME, # 3 Wilton, # 102 Wilton, # ST50 PME)
  • Crackle punch - scribe tool
  • Assorted brushes
  • Small stencils
  • Pastry scraper
  • Baking paper
  • School-use pencil (non-toxic)
  • Vodka or white food alcohol
  • Water
  • Paper napkins
  • Tracing designs (included in the course PDF)


When is this course held?

Anytime you want! When you buy a Cake School course it is yours forever: you will be able to watch the lessons at any time and as many times as you want. And if you have any questions during the course, you can ask them directly in the Course Forum, where the teacher and our team will help you immediately.

Do I need to have previous experience?

This is an advanced decorating course, so the videos do not explain basic concepts such as cookie baking or icing making and consistencies. However, all this information is very well detailed and explained in the PDF.

We recommend that if you have never decorated cookies, start by signing up for the Scrap Cookies Basic Cookies Course , also available at the Cake School.

Do I need special tools to do it?

The materials for this course can be found easily in large areas and specialized stores: pastry sleeves and nozzles, spatulas, brushes, coloring, a punch ... If you like decorating cookies, surely you already have them all.

Are the processed cookies edible?

Of course, and besides, they are delicious! These cookies are made with 100% edible ingredients, so you can consume them without fear. In some designs, pencil is used to trace the drawings, but the pencil for school use is not toxic and so little is used that it is not even dangerous. As for the alcohol that is used to paint, it is used precisely because it evaporates very quickly, so once they have dried, your cookies will also be free of it.

Can I make any cookie decoration once the course is done?

In this course you will learn the basis of many modern cookie decorating techniques. With your experience and creativity, you can apply them later and create new designs to create beautiful cookies, letting your imagination run wild.

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7 evaluations in Cookie Craft Intermediate Course, with Aixa Zunino

  1. Burren07 -

    Spectacular. Well explained. I loved it

  2. YazzRoss44 -

    I didn't like it, I loved it, I loved the course, it's incredible. I improved my painting techniques a lot, congratulations, excellent work and I also greatly admire Aixa, an excellent teacher and her work is one of my favorites. I hope to soon buy other courses that I already have my eye on… .. Thank you greetings!

  3. plume -

    A big round of applause for this instructor. I loved taking this course and as indicated in the STEP-BY-STEP description, Aixa explains each stage in many details. Thank you very much And a kiss.

  4. VERODOS -

    The truth is that it is wonderful, very good explanations and seeing how he does it turns out to be very good. It makes easy what seems difficult. What I like most about the course is being able to see it piecemeal because lack of time makes it impossible for me to do it any other way. I'm very happy

  5. clarianercf -

    Excellent course. I have taken other online cookie painting courses and this is the most complete and best explained. Aixa is an excellent teacher and with her patience and such a simple way of teaching Precious cookies can be made. If you really want to learn how to paint cookies, I recommend this course. All the material and techniques that are taught, from volume, cracking, including documentation regarding the desydrator, all of that costs much more than the course costs. Congratulations Baking Pastry Schools for this excellent course.


    The course is very good, everything is very well explained, my problem is that from my mobile I cannot see the videos.

  7. Cristina D. -

    Thank you very much for this Wonderful Course, it is Excellent, well explained, all very clear and full of many techniques. I hope they can continue bringing courses as spectacular as this one.

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