Facial Expressions Course, with Florence Devouge

Facial Expressions Course, with Florence Devouge

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Teacher: Florence Devouge (With a Sugar Heart)

Course content: 4 hours of HD video + extra content in PDF

Learn with Florence Devouge to model character faces and bring them to life through features and facial expressions. Perfect your modeling technique and learn how to create perfect mouths, eyes, noses, eyelashes and eyebrows, and to make up and style your characters to achieve a wonderful result. It is much easier than it sounds!

Learn all the techniques to make incredible face modeling, whether for your male or female characters, younger or older , Florence will teach you all her tricks to achieve a perfect result. With this course you will master the techniques to make the nose, eyes, mouth, ears of the characters and get clean and realistic models.

In this course, Florence will show you all the key facial features to capture the most common expressions: joy, sadness, anger, surprise, mischief and also seduction, and will explain how to get new expressions from which learned . By changing the shape of the mouth, eyes and eyebrows, the position of the cheekbones or chin, and applying wrinkles and movement, you will get your characters to convey emotions and be able to represent feelings.

Florence will also teach you all her secrets when it comes to modeling, makeup and styling your characters: how to apply lights and shadows to give relief and depth to the faces, how to mark the key points to emphasize each expression, how to apply makeup according to the different ages and styles, how to do different types of hairstyles ...

A very complete course suitable for all levels , explained step by step and with simple techniques so that you can progress at your own pace. You will not need more than your hands, with a few tools and modeling paste, you can do real wonders and apply them to any modeling you want to do . Get ready to dazzle everyone with your characters!


Lesson 1: Introduction

Discover everything you will learn in this course with Florence, we welcome you!

Lesson 2: Modeling - Face of Joy

The first lesson teaches you the basic notions to model one of the most common expressions for our cakes: joy. Discover how to make the nose, mouth, and what features this expression has through the use of design schemes.

Lesson 3: Modeling - Sad Face

Through the expression of sadness we will learn new features and ways of modeling, in addition, you will learn to make eyes with great detail.

Lesson 4: Modeling - Surprise Face

Do you know what face you make when you are surprised? An expression that lasts only a few seconds, and that Florence will teach you to do in a true way.

Lesson 5: Modeling - Angry Face

Anger is another of the expressions that can get the most juice out of it, and Florence teaches you to do it in different variants.

Lesson 6: Modeling - Face with Snouts

A funny girl blowing a kiss, taking a selfie or in a cocky attitude. An expression that will serve you in many situations, and in which you will learn endless tricks to model!

Lesson 7: Modeling - Picardy Face

Finally, a very naughty pin-up girl with whom you will learn to combine different expressions and shapes on the face. A very complete modeling.

Lesson 8: Makeup and Hairstyle - Face of Joy

Florence will teach you how to make up and style our happy girl, teaching you all the tricks to achieve an incredible result.

Lesson 9: Makeup - Sad Face

In this lesson you will learn how to make a softer makeup for men, and to paint beautiful, very realistic eyes.

Lesson 10: Makeup - Surprise Face

The most natural makeups for young girls will not resist you again. Learn how to give life to your models without falling into excesses.

Lesson 11: Makeup - Angry Face

Learn how to emphasize an expression through makeup, with a very subtle touch, and how to shape lashes and brows to accentuate this expression.

Lesson 12: Make-up - Face with Morritos

In this lesson Florence will teach you how to make up a woman with great detail: eye shadows, lip paint ... Learn all the tricks to apply them in any modeling you want to do!

Lesson 13: Makeup and Hairstyle - Mischievous Face

To finish the course, you will learn how to make up and style the funny pin-up girl. Stronger and risen colors, and a very fun hairstyle that you can learn super easy.


Florence Devouge is one of the best-known cake designers in our country, especially for her modeling of human figures. Born in Argentina and based in Barcelona, ​​she teaches courses throughout the United States, and has been making cakes and custom modeling for several years.

Very creative and patient, she is a great teacher who teaches simple techniques adapted for all levels, helping to lay the foundations of modeling so that her students can assimilate the techniques and make the most of their creativity. Hundreds of students have passed through his courses and have learned his cake designs and modeling, made with such a level of detail that they are capable of transmitting any emotion and awakening our feelings.



  • Table of measurements and equivalences
  • List of Tools and Materials
  • Schemes of Facial Expressions
  • Inspiration Gallery


  • Modeling paste (white for dyeing, or skin-colored)
  • Fondant (white to dye, or colored fondant)
  • Paste / gel colorants: flesh color (or orange + brown), blue, black, chocolate brown, pink, green, dark red, white
  • Powder dyes: bubblegum pink, chocolate brown
  • Edible glue (or water) and brush
  • Silicone tipped brushes for modeling
  • Basic stake set
  • Bolillo cutters
  • Make up brushes
  • Very sharp scalpel or knife
  • Flower formers
  • Kitchen paper


When is this course held?

Anytime you want! When you buy a Cake School course it is yours forever: you will be able to watch the lessons at any time and as many times as you want. And if you have any questions during the course, you can ask them directly in the Course Forum, where the teacher and our team will help you immediately.

Do I need to have previous fondant modeling experience?

Not really, it's not necessary. Although it is an advanced course, this course is suitable for all levels, since the basics of modeling human faces are explained from scratch, and the level of difficulty is gradually increased throughout the lessons. This way you will be able to carry out modeling with a great level of detail even if you have never practiced this discipline. But if you don't trust yourself, you can also take the Female Modeling course first, where you will learn the basics to make your characters and then you can complete and improve them with this Facial Expressions course. You will see how it is easier than it seems!

Do I need special tools to do it?

For this course you only need some basic modeling tools, such as stakes and round bobbins, but they are all very easy to find and very inexpensive. Remember that when you model, the main tool you need is your own hands, so don't be afraid and dare to try it, you'll see how easy it is!

Are the modeled figures edible?

Yes, the figures are made of sugar paste, so they are edible. In any case, you can also take this course using any other modeling paste: cold porcelain, fimo, clay paste ... so you can keep your figures forever.

Can I make any design once the course is done?

Of course you do, and even while doing the course! Florence will teach you the basics of face modeling, and you can then apply her techniques to any design you want, you don't have to make the figures exactly as they have been done in this course.

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    It seems very didactic and perfectly explained. It is helping me a lot to perfect expressions.

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