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Giving away a baking course can be a fantastic option for your loved ones.

When you give away a baking course, you are giving away fun, an experience, quality time to dedicate to a hobby that will be highly valued.

At Baking Pastry School we help you, preparing that gift with all our love, so that when you give it to your loved one, it will be appreciated and valued as it deserves. Therefore, when you request a gift course, we send you a gift card in a beautiful box ready to give as a gift.

A birthday, an invisible friend, an anniversary, or a Christmas present can be a totally new experience. Find out!

How does it work?

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* If you place your order from any country in Europe, you can choose to deliver your gift wherever you tell us, wrapped in a box ready to give away (check rates in the cart before making the payment); or in Virtual Card format, to print yourself or send by email (FREE).

* If you place your order from a continent other than Europe, you can request your gift as a Virtual Card, to print yourself or send by email (FREE).

Give a course and surprise

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