The school year is starting again, and while that might mean less time you have to spend entertaining your kids during the day, it also means much busier mornings trying to get everyone ready and out. That’s why knowing easy breakfast ideas for kids is essential.

Making sure your kids start the day with a healthy meal before school is important, but achieving that on the busiest mornings can be extremely difficult. To help those struggling to find the time to prepare a nutritious breakfast for themselves and their families, we spoke with Laura Burak, MS, RDauthor of Slim down with smoothiesand founder of Laura BurakNutrition.

“There’s nothing I love more than showing parents how easy it is to manage their crazy schedules by simply learning some quick and easy breakfast ideas to start each day off right,” Burak says. “Storing a few basic ingredients like a whole grain bread or toaster waffle, yogurt, eggs, fruit, and a nut or seed butter is all you need for a variety of quick options. which naturally contain a healthy source of carbohydrates and protein to keep your blood sugar stable for hours.”

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A simple cup of yogurt can be a quick and healthy breakfast on the go, says Burak. “Be sure to choose a brand of yogurt that uses less sugar in its recipe, like siggi’s, and add fruit, nuts, or seeds on top.”

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peanut butter toast with blueberries and bananas

Another quick and delicious breakfast to try is a piece of toast, provided you make it more nutrient dense. “Layer peanut butter (or any nut or seed butter) on whole-grain toast with banana slices on top,” Burak says. “And I have to say this one is my favorite and takes less than 5 minutes to make.”

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fruit smoothie for kids

According to Burak, smoothies are always a great option for busy mornings. “Put any frozen fruit, yogurt, and milk of your choice into a blender, and voila, a quick, portable breakfast.” And not only is it a quick option, but it gives you plenty of room to add a ton of your favorite nutrient-dense ingredients. “You can get creative with other additions like nut butters, greens, and even frozen cauliflower,” says Burak, “but either way, this option is super easy and nutritious.”

Egg white muffins

If you’ve never made mini frittatas, you might want to start this school year. They are delicious and can save you a lot of time every morning.

“This idea requires an oven beforehand, but if you make a pile at a time, you can just heat it up and eat each morning,” says Burak. “Combine eggs with veggies and cheese, with the option of adding cottage cheese or yogurt for even more protein, and bake in muffin tins, then add a fruit for extra energy and pop out. a few minutes !”

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fruit yogurt pancakes

And finally, putting a frozen waffle or pancake in the toaster can help save you time in the morning, it may take some extra research to find a brand you trust with the ingredients.

“There are several brands of whole grain, high protein frozen waffles and pancakes on the market these days, so just broil or microwave, add protein on top like no other. any nut or seed butter, yogurt or cottage cheese, and an option for fruit, and this breakfast is ready to eat,” Burak says.