School dances are *so* fun. What’s not to love dressing up, getting ready with friends and their dates, and dancing the night away? If you have a school dance coming up and you have the perfect person to take, but you don’t have the perfect idea of ​​how to ask, we’re here to help. Read on to find eight ideas for asking your crush to dance at school.

1. Make it a poster


A poster is a classic example of how to invite someone to dance. Whether you cut to the chase or find the perfect pun, you can’t go wrong. Add color, stickers, and maybe some fancy lettering for the cutest poster.

2. Write them a card

If you don’t want to make a poster, a card is your second best option. You can keep it simple or add a touch of personalization to it. It can be as simple as asking them to tick yes or no. Good luck!

3. Don’t be afraid to ask them in person

Listen to us. We know asking your crush out for a dance seems like the last thing you want to do, but it’s easy and it shows them that you really care about spending time with them. You will do well.

4. Show off your artistic skills

If you are an amazing artist and want to show off your talents then this is the way to ask. There are no limits when it comes to this one – you might just want to plan ahead. Whether you can paint, draw, or even make a friendship bracelet, giving them something they can have forever is a memorable request.

5. Give them their favorite Starbucks drink


You can’t go wrong with Starbucks. You could even write the question on the mug! If you’re not sure what they’d like to drink, a bakery item works the same way. Did someone say “cake pop”?

6. Make a box of their favorite foods

This one could be tricky if you’re not already close to your crush. If not, don’t worry. You can either opt for basic snacks like crisps and gummies or ask their friends what your crush is always in the mood to eat. Once you have everything, put it in a basket, box or bag. It’s also a great thing to add if you’re asking in person or with a card!

7. Make it a playlist

A playlist is *so* a cute way to invite your crush to dance. Mostly because it costs nothing and is something they can always have to remember you by. You can even ask them in the name or description of the playlist!

8. Ask them with a delicious treat


This is a perfect idea if you know your crush likes something sweet. You could get donuts shaped to spell “DANCE?” or write it on a giant icing cookie. Even just a box of cookies or cupcakes also works wonders.

How are you going to invite your crush to a dance?

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