LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) – Amy Vejil, a teacher at Cavazos Middle School, is the first 2021-2022 recipient of KCBD’s $ 500 One Class At A Time Gift and Recognition sponsored by Frontier Dodge and Spirit Chrysler.

“It was really heartwarming to know the students, to see how they see me in their eyes,” said Vejil. “I knew I had a good relationship with them, but I didn’t know it was so prevalent and overwhelming. It was nice.”

Vejil is in his second year of teaching Grade 7 English at ISD Lubbock School. A large cohort of her students nominated her for the One Class at a Time program.

“I’m just doing it for them really,” Vejil said. “Seeing them caring so much about me when I put in a lot of time, it was good to find that back.”

The program gives the teacher the option of choosing a charity or nonprofit that will also receive $ 500. Vejil chose the Parents Association of the College of Cavazos.

“College is a tough time and the fact that we can have parents on our campus regularly spending time with our kids, volunteering with our kids and just providing positive role models for our kids, we want that,” vice president of PTA said Anita Blakey. “We want our PTA to partner with our school in this way. We want our communities to associate with our quorum in this way, so we really appreciate any support we can get. “

Blakey told KCBD that the PTA has new initiatives this year to involve this community, such as a gift of coffee and pastries for parents each month during the morning drop-off, as well as an effort to redevelop the green space in the court of Cavazos.

In the classroom, Vejil also strives to make this difficult time in college fun for his students. She hopes this can lead to success.

“I just want them to know that someone cares about them,” Vejil said. “We want them to be better and that’s what we’re here for.”

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