The UK is more than London and its idyllic pastures. It is also the birthplace of boarding school – where students are educated and cared for by teachers and staff in designated learning and living spaces.

An excellent boarding school is a home away from home where students from all walks of life learn essential academic and life skills such as communication, independence, time management, and more. As a result, students are better prepared for the next steps in their life and that is why many parents around the world are willing to invest in a good boarding school for their children.

Source: Farrington School

Not only was Nina Wirk able to attend a boarding school that is good, but one that is “really remarkable”. The Farringtons School graduate remembers her time there as “so much fun” with “wonderful friends”. “I thank my time at Farringtons School for instilling in me the work ethic and curiosity that made me successful in college,” she says. “It was truly a blessed time. I was very lucky to go to Farringtons school.

Where students grow in wisdom

With a long history dating back to 1908, Farringtons School began as a Methodist girls’ school before obtaining a Royal Charter in 1928 and becoming co-ed in 2010.

Today, guided by its motto “Grow in Wisdom” and a strong Christian ethic, the mid-sized school continues to foster the intellectual, physical, moral and spiritual growth of its students, ensuring that every student can shine with his individual talents.

“We strongly believe that learning should not be limited to the classroom, nor measured by exam results alone,” said David Jackson, principal of the school. “Indeed, we place great importance on providing students with the opportunity to pursue a wide range of extracurricular interests, on developing the art of leadership and teamwork, as well as on those very soft skills. important. This is seen not only in sport, but also in music, theater and the arts. “

Farrington School

Source: Farrington School

Located in Chislehurst, Kent, Farringtons School is close to London and major airports. The campus exudes a village-like community in a city location. The grounds are safe and secure. Classes and boarding schools are small, which allows the school to offer high quality pastoral care and to establish excellent staff-student relations. “The fact that we are a deliberately medium-sized school certainly helps with this – the teachers know the children in our care extremely well,” adds Head, Mr Jackson.

Fantastic facilities for full development

Situated on a beautiful 25 acre lot, Farringtons School is home to exceptional facilities for many extracurricular activities, including the two-story gym which houses the main gym, a dance studio with mirror with laminate floors, a fitness room (for use by year 10 and above) as well as GCSE and A Level classes.

Students can participate in many sports such as badminton, basketball, soccer, cricket, gymnastics, tennis, rugby and even trampoline. The heated swimming pool is available for swimming; others can also register for track and field and long distance running. Inter-house matches and meetings are often organized alongside local and regional events.

In 2021-2022, the school launched a new program of extracurricular activities, called “Floreat”, which means “to thrive”. Existing in the structure of the normally scheduled school day, it offers challenge, enrichment and diversity to students in grades 7 to 12.

The program aims to develop students’ social, moral, spiritual and cultural skills, strengthening the ability of young people to succeed in education, work and society. By trying a variety of new activities ranging from archery to mindfulness, odcasting to Japanese culture, students here develop greater self-confidence, leadership skills and the joy of discovering new things. things.

Benefits of boarding and studying at Farringtons

With over 100 years of experience, Farringtons has the expertise to provide a second home where residents stay happy, healthy and academically motivated. In its boutique-style family pensions there are expert house staff and superb pastoral care.

Farrington School

Source: Farrington School

Students stay in single-sex boarding schools (West House for girls and South House for boys) and mingle with boarders of various ages, cultures and personalities. With evenings packed with activities like cooking, gym or watching movies and weekends exploring London, it doesn’t take long before everyone feels like family.

Each student has a Form Tutor for academic and social support. The pastoral team leaders support these tutors; while parents partner with staff to make students feel valued. Regular parent meetings mean parents are kept up to date on their children’s progress.

Academic excellence

With these exceptional facilities and exceptional support, it is no wonder that Farringtons students achieve fantastic grades in their GCSEs and A Levels; Despite the challenges of an unprecedented 2021, students were awarded places at Russell Group universities including Oxford, UCL, King’s College London and Exeter.

“The success our students have enjoyed is a fitting outcome in every way and it is great to see that all of their hard work, as well as that of their teachers, has really paid off,” said Head, Mr. Jackson. .

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