Humans have been cooking since 600 BC. While it was a necessity back then, it has now become an art form. At the time, pastry making was limited to making simple and essential bread. You can now prepare rich and delicious pastries.

Different ingredients and techniques are needed to make different baked goods. Bread and cookies are the easiest to bake. But making a soufflé requires the right skills and the right experience.

Here are the best online baking classes you can take this season:

  1. Baker Bettie’s Bakery Basics – Ideal for beginners
    Baker Bettie is the alter ego of former musician Kristin Hoffman. This foundational course is one of the many pastry courses offered on its website. This course covers several basics such as equipment, baking terminology and reading recipes. You will learn what roles butter, eggs, flour and sugar play in baking and how they influence the final product. This course is completely free and consists of video, text and photos. Typically, the biggest concern about pursuing online courses is the lack of practical knowledge. But this course also gives you access to recipes that you can make yourself. So in addition to learning, you also apply what you have learned.
  2. Bake for Good Kids, by King Arthur Flour – Ideal for children and families
    The King Arthur Baking Company has created an abundance of educational content to help bakers hone their skills. He also leveraged his position in the bread world to teach community, math, reading, and science. In the Bake for Good Kids course, Paul Gray shows the importance of selecting the right proportion of ingredients and kneading the dough. She then shows how the same dough can be used to make bread, pastries and pizzas. All of these videos are accessible free of charge.
  3. Bluprint – Peter Reinhart– Best course to learn how to bake bread
    There is always something to be learned from everyone you meet. And when you meet renowned pastry teacher Peter Reinhart, you have a lot to learn about baking. Just to give you a fair idea, he has written acclaimed books on bread, pastry, and pizza. The Artisanal Bread Making Course provides crucial basic information such as ingredients, fundamentals, and advanced techniques needed in bread making. You will be able to make real artisan breads such as babka, baguettes, ciabatta, focaccia and marbled rye at the end of the course.
  4. MasterClass – Dominique Ansel teaches the fundamentals of pastry– Best course to learn how to bake
    Dominique Ansel is a fan of desserts. The donut is to the Americans what the croissant is to the French. But Ansel combined the two to invent the cronut. Ansel’s creation has since become one of New York’s legendary desserts. Considering all of this, Ansel is the right person to learn baking. This baking fundamentals course focuses on four classic baked goods: candy, chocolate cake, croissants, and fruit pie. The 17 lessons deepen the process as Ansel prepares these four iconic desserts using simple ingredients and innovations.
  5. Learn the arts of baking – the world of cookies – Best course to learn how to bake cookies
    We all love chocolate cookies. But the world of cookies is much bigger than chocolate cookies. What if you could cook them all? Marco Ropke is a fourth generation pastry chef with over 25 years of experience to his credit. We can therefore be assured of the quality of the course content. This popular course includes three and a half hours of video content, 10 articles and 23 downloadable files. All of these resources teach you the basics of baking cookies. You are also guided through recipes for 14 types of cookies.
  6. The Book of Butter – All courses combined in one
    This long course content teaches you how to bake bread, cakes, cookies, pastry, petits fours, pies and many more baked goods. This course is therefore a comprehensive guide to baking. This course was founded by a duo of renowned French bakers. And their course teaches you the European baking process. This process is based on centuries of know-how and traditions for which European bakery is highly appreciated. By the end of this class, you’ll be comfortable baking everything from bread to soufflé.

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