A St Neots-based cafe aims to raise £ 15,000 to bring an artisan bakery and bakery school to the town.

Elsie May’s Electric Lounge Café & Bar plans to turn its outbuilding into an artisan micro-bakery and bakery school to bring business back to the city’s main street.

Owner Naomi Rose said: “In 2018 we decided to open Elsie May’s Electric Lounge Café & Bar because we wanted people to be able to come to a dog-friendly place that has local homemade food and a great cup. of coffee.

“However, we have always had the dream of opening a bakery and a bakery school deep in our minds.”

“Apart from lots of delicious loaves of bread and freshly baked scones, you will be a part of our story and help us shape Elsie May’s Bakery.

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“We want to create a bakery that is suitable for our community.

“By making a commitment – whether big or small – you will be contributing to the future of our business, our city and our main street.

“Not only that, you will give people the opportunity to learn new skills in baking school. ”

The Kickstarter campaign, which is now live, will run until Wednesday, November 10, and will only be successful if 100% of the fundraising goal is met.

If £ 14,000 is raised, for example, Naomi and her team won’t see a dime.

However, the project’s funders will not be left empty-handed, with a range of tiered rewards and goodies on offer based on individual commitments.

A simple £ 10 pledge will see your name inscribed on the café’s ‘Wall of Backers’ once opened, or a £ 25 donation will have your name displayed on the wall, a tote bag, a focaccia, two loaves of bread and two coffees.

Publicly raised funds will allow Naomi to purchase items such as blenders, sinks, ovens, extraction units, and pay for major subcontracting work to make the annex suitable for her use.

To pledge your support and support Elsie May’s campaign, visit the Kickstarter page at: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/naomirose/opening-an-artisan-bakery-in-st-neots

Or Elsie May’s social media channels for more information.

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