This is my fifth year in the PTO world. When my older kids were younger I didn’t get involved and now I wish I had. My youngest arrived and she started kindergarten, I decided to take the plunge and get out of my comfort zone. I joined the PTO from Chandler Elementary School. Turns out it’s not as scary as I made it out to be and it was a great experience.

Not only do you get to know other families in your child’s school, but you become a key figure in making your child’s school experience more positive. School PTOs are more than bake sales. I mean, I don’t think we’ve ever had a bake sale at Chandler PTO! We bought playground equipment, laptops and tablets, and donated money to each grade level. We’ve helped fund arts programs so they can provide students with in-class and out-of-class experiences. The Chandler PTO strives to show our students the love of candy on school and movie days and the appreciation of teachers with fun lunches and events. And finally, we organize those family events at school that the children will remember for a lifetime. This fall we brought back the Chandler Sock-Hop. If you walked into Chandler’s gym last October, you wouldn’t know you weren’t taken back in time to 1955. We had Greasers and poodle skirts and a 1950s playlist which was great fun.

But, all of these things take MONEY, MONEY!

How can I help raise dough for the Viking PTO while eating pizza?

Now, we are not asking you to donate directly to the PTO. (I mean, if you want it, we’d be totally fine with that. Just drop it off at school.) No, we’re just asking you to go eat some pizza! Today, Wednesday November 16, if you dine at the Newburgh Pizza Azzip and present this graphic, or use the code GIVEBACK11 in your online order, a portion will be donated to the Chandler Viking PTO.

What is Azzip Pizza?

If you’ve never been to Pizza Azzip, first of all, it’s a local franchise that started right here in southern Indiana, so that’s cool. When you walk in you can choose a pizza from their board or choose your own pizza adventure. Choose your meats, sauces and vegetables. Everything is made fresh in front of you in a zip!

Canva // Pizza Azzip

Canva // Pizza Azzip

And if you have dietary restrictions, they have gluten-free and dairy-free options. My husband has celiac disease and Azzip is one of the only places he can eat without worrying about getting gluttonous.

To order, stop and show the graphic, or order online and use code GIVEBACK11.

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