Chinese entities have entered the Indian credit market and are exploiting Indian borrowers by taking advantage of loopholes in the legal system. Since the pandemic-induced lockdown, dozens of Chinese-owned micro-lending apps have started operating in India under very dodgy conditions.

They attract customers under duress. Borrowers were charged exorbitant processing fees and interest rates, pushing many lower-middle-class people into debt traps and even forcing them to commit suicide.

Claiming to be playing fair, Chinese instant loan apps Momo, CashBus, Timely Cash, Y Cash, Kissht, Robo Cash, Fast Rupee, Cash Mama and Loan Time also offered payday loans to Indians, targeting borrowers at the bottom of the ladder. economic strata. Many of these apps boast over a million installs.

Indian investigative agencies have informed that various fintech companies in collusion with Indian Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs) have engaged in predatory lending, in violation of Reserve Bank of India guidelines. Fintech companies backed by China had a memorandum of understanding with NBFCs to provide instant personal loans for terms ranging from seven to 30 days, bypassing the regulatory system.

Since fintech firms were unlikely to get a new NBFC license from RBI to lend, they devised the MoU route with the already defunct Indian NBFCs to engage in lending business. in large scale.