Chef Darina Allen says cooking skills should be included in the school curriculum.

Author and founder of Ballymaloe Cookery School petitions Education Minister Norma Foley for hands-on cooking lessons for every child.

She said Current affairs lunch it’s a life skill that everyone needs.

“At the moment, I think we are truly failing in our due diligence in many ways to the next generation.

“So many people, even today almost two generations have left our homes and schools without being able to cook for themselves – without the basic skills to eat properly.”

She says this is reflected in the impacts on health and other areas.

“It’s kind of a call to arms – and so many mothers, parents, grandparents and everyone really, really agree with that.

“It’s not just the young people, but a lot these days who have very successful careers – CEOs of companies, all kinds of things – have all the skills to run the country etc. but in fact some of them. they can hardly raise a toast.

“And during COVID, this became particularly evident to people; they suddenly realized how much they had allowed themselves to become dequalified ”.

“A skill that we need every day”

She says the ability to cook is part of a complete education.

“It’s a skill that we need every day: our energy, our vitality, our ability to focus – it all comes from the fuel we put in the tank to make the system work.

“And one of the easiest ways to wean kids off fast food is to teach them how to cook.”

And she says kids will learn if they’re shown.

“In national schools there could be simple things, certainly then in secondary schools.

And I’m talking about boys and girls … it’s a life skill.

“But the problem is, the older you start, the more you think it’s a mystery.

“And they hate to cook because they feel like they can’t – and if we show them some simple basic skills, they can develop them.”

Main Image: The Composite image shows Chef Darina Allen at a 2009 Free Genetically Modified Foods press conference, and a child learning to cook. Photo by: James Horan / / LaterJay Photography from Pixabay

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