Some school districts in Southeast Michigan are not waiting for the heat to rise to issue guidelines.

Concerns over baking in the nearly 100-degree Metro Detroit heat on Wednesday sparked alerts from Detroit Public Schools that they will cut classes early. In Dearborn, school buildings will be completely closed.

An excessive heat watch is set to go into effect Wednesday with foggy, warm and humid conditions expected to push the heat index to 105 degrees. Temperatures on Thursday are also expected to be warm, but land in southeast Michigan in the 90s.

Near-record heat has been expected since the weekend as a heatwave swept across the United States, breaking records in some southwestern states.

When it hits Michigan on Wednesday, expect temperatures in the mid-90s.

Detroit Public Schools will cancel classes three hours early June 15-17. The virtual school is exempt from dismissal. A statement from DPSCD indicates that extracurricular events and activities will take place at the discretion of the principal.

There are no changes to graduation ceremonies this week.

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The City of Detroit will often open cooling centers in some of its community buildings when the heat gets too high. These locations include Adams/Butzel, Farwell, Kemeny, Patton, and Williams Recreation Centers.