Dedicated to Cakes Online Baking School, brings the art, science and fun of baking to families through its workshops and one-off classes. In an age of social distancing and restrictions on recreation and extracurricular activities, these interactive classes and workshops break the “technology wall” allowing us to connect with ourselves and with others.

Many have responded to the pandemic by grabbing the rolling pin and the flour. Why we reacted this way was a question that resonated with us. Maybe it was out of necessity to create staple foods like bread, but maybe it was the therapeutic nature of the craft and the desire to get back to tangible basics. Using our combined experience in education, consulting, and the culinary arts, rather than design courses and workshops that primarily focus on the end product, we emphasize the skills and understanding that are developed at from the process. Our workshops and courses are an opportunity to take the time to relax, explore and create with us through a wide variety of subjects: pastries, homemade chocolates, salted breads. We share our passion for baking, so that what they learn about themselves and the craft is adaptable and transferable, long after they’ve gone offline.

Lorraine, owner of Devoted to Cakes, commented “We can zoom in on each child and see what’s going on in their workspace and give them feedback when needed. Children love the interactive nature of the workshops. They can hold their dough to show us the texture and we can say “add more flour”. In fact, the technical side has taken a back seat and the tactile nature of cooking is really the star of the show. “

“We can see the parents also getting involved and benefiting from the experience. Families cook together, learn together and create these fun moments, then enjoy the fruits of their labor. Our 9-year-old daughter Sophie also occasionally cooks with us in the workshops. ‘

“Our students learn by making mistakes. We provide troubleshooting in the online sessions and encourage them to try again. The parents ‘feedback is that the children recreate their pastries over and over again.’

Our next September through Christmas workshop series will focus on seasonal produce, covering fall baking, spooky and creative Halloween recipes, and everything from traditional Christmas cake to alternative Christmas pastries.

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