An impressive total of £2,189 was raised for charity by Burnham and Highbridge pupils from King Alfred School Academy.

The annual Raise And Give (RAG) Week was overseen by the school’s RAG Sixth Form Committee and saw a diverse range of fundraising activities and events take place.

The total raised will be split between the two chosen charities: Brain Tumor Research, which is the Priory Learning Trust charity of the year, and Médecins Sans Frontières – Médecins Sans Frontières, which is the Sixth Form charity. .

Claire from MSF came to talk about their fantastic work and a visit was also organized by Brain Tumor Research, which focused the students’ fundraising efforts on raising as much money as possible.

School events include a Talent Show, Non-School Uniform Day, Soak the Teacher, Taskmaster, Eggheads, Movie Night for Years 7 and 8, Student Summer Party, and Charity Bake Sale.

The annual Sixth Form Charity Drive in Disguise also took place in and around Burnham when local residents were encouraged to donate what they could.

The school’s Lisa Semple said: ‘The talent show was an amazing event, raising over £300 for charity. The students performed live in front of their friends and family as well as 3 judges, and overall it was a wonderful evening and we are grateful to everyone who participated!

“Wax the Teacher is always a student favorite and we thank the teachers who had the courage to participate!”

“Events at the school raised £904.47! We would especially like to thank all the companies who contributed to our raffle.

“Sixth Form ended the week with our annual Rag Walk around Burnham and surrounding areas. Sixth Form teachers and students donned costumes in the form of dinosaurs, fairies, superheroes and even a monkey teacher! The charity walk raised £750 thanks to our amazing community! »

“Thank you to the Rag Committee for all your dedication and hard work in making the week a success!”