In 2017, former campus custodian John Kay Powell, of Albion, told the Timetable-News that while many people focus their paranormal interest on Comish Hall, his most frightening encounter happened during the day while he was mowing the lawn at Miller Hall, before the Mortensens took ownership of the campus.

There was a horizontal pipe coming out of the building that could be hooked to an irrigation pipe. While mowing the lawn, he said, the hose slipped off the wall two more feet.

Troy Mortensen speaks in 2017 about an appearance by a woman who is seen in the kitchen of Comish Hall.

Laurie Welch

“The building was fully boarded up at the time and I thought there must be kids inside,” Powell said. “So I got off the lawn mower to check, but all the doors were locked. “

“It was just a ghost, I guess,” he said.

Powell said that during World War II all the young men were at war and Miller Hall, which was the school’s men’s dormitory for teachers, was barricaded and used as a Halloween alley.

In 2017, Troy Mortensen told the story of when they first bought the buildings and an excavator operator saw a young girl in the windows of one of the buildings.

“He didn’t want to enter the building,” Mortensen said.

In 2015, Jeralee Jones, then manager, told the Timetable-News she didn’t believe in the paranormal and she hadn’t seen any spirits in any of the buildings, but she said there were workers who were so scared after entering the buildings that they never came back to work.

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