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The duke and Duchess of Cambridge are preparing to move to Windsor this summer, Kensington Palace has announced.

And with that comes a new school for their three children Prince George, Princess Charlotteand Prince Louis. The palace has confirmed that the young royals have been registered at Lambbrook School and will start there in September.

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The statement released midday on Monday read: “The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge today announced that Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis will attend Lambrook School in Berkshire from September 2022.

“Their Royal Highnesses are extremely grateful to Thomas’s Battersea where George and Charlotte have had a great start to education since 2017 and 2019 respectively and are delighted to have found a school for their three children which shares a similar philosophy and values ​​to Thomas’s .”

Cambridge children will attend Lambbrook from September

Jonathan Perry, Principal of Lambbrook School, said: “We are delighted to have Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis joining us next September and we look forward to welcoming the family, as well as all of our new pupils. , to our school community.”

So, what will their brand new school look like? Here’s everything you need to know…

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Lambrook is a preparatory school in Berkshire for boys and girls aged 3 to 13. There are 610 pupils at the Church of England school and, according to the Good Schools Guide, boarding fees for Lambrook School last year were £25,440.

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While William and Kate both went to boarding school, it’s likely their children will be day pupils as their new home, Adelaide Cottagewhich is located on the Queen’s Windsor Estate, is only a 15 minute drive from Lambbrook.

The daily rate for 2021 to 2022 was estimated between £13,167 and £20,997.

The Cambridge siblings will bid farewell to Kensington Palace and attend Lambrook in Berkshire

What is the school’s vision?

Lambbrook aims to nurture their students and give them “feathers to fly”, according to the Good Schools Guide.

Jonathan Perry, Lambbrook’s manager since 2010, explains this in more detail: “We give them feathers to fly so that when they leave us they will spread their wings and take flight.”

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Mr Perry is also described as having a “sweet and encouraging” approach, being “charm personified”, and has pledged to set up a scholarship scheme for the school, in part because of his Christian values.

Mr Perry also meets with the families of all prospective pupils to “ensure that we best meet their needs” and is “not afraid to turn away” those who do not share the school’s ethos.

What subjects could George, Charlotte and Louis study?

Lambbrook offers a wide range of subjects for its students, so there will be plenty to keep George, Charlotte and Louis busy. Members of the royal family will have lessons in French, religious studies, design and technology and, from the fifth year, Latin is compulsory. There is also Saturday school from this age.

Lambrook also offers a total of 178 LAMDA lessons each week as well as 420 individual music lessons, from tap dancing to bagpipes.

If the Cambridges can carry a melodythey could also join the Main Chapel Choir when they are older, which has performed at Notre Dame and Windsor Castle. They will also spend a lot of time in the beautiful Lambbrook Chapelwhere there are four services a week and the students’ families, as well as outside speakers, attend on Saturdays.

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What are the school grounds and facilities like?

The school grounds are 52 acres, so the Royals will have plenty of room to move around and play (less space than at their new Adelaide Cottage home, which is on the Windsor Estate with a huge 655 acres).

Adelaide Cottage is located on the 655 acre Queen’s Estate in Windsor

There is a nine hole golf course, a 25 meter swimming pool and a large gymso there will be plenty of opportunities for the princes and princess to get into the sport.

Children are returning to school “cheeks flushed and full of fresh air”, according to the Good Schools Guide.

The guide also describes the classrooms as “single-story timber-clad buildings with large windows that let in plenty of natural light.” They are “surprisingly clean and modern teaching spaces – no dusty corners or tired paint.”

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The Cambridges will attend a school a short drive from Queen’s Windsor Estate

The dining room is also being renovated to reduce waiting times and accommodate more students.

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How many children attend Lambbrook School?

This place is a thriving independent school that houses 620 boys and girls.

What kind of charity work will the Royal Family do?

Members of the royal family will not only spend their time attending classes and exploring the vast grounds: the school also prioritizes helping those in need.

Year 7 pupils are raising £500 to pay a disadvantaged child to go canoeing in Sweden, through the Teenage Wilderness Trust, and they are not allowed to just ask their parents to write a cheque. They have to do volunteer work like baking cakes or washing cars to raise funds.

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Pupils can also visit the partner school in Lambrook near Durban in South Africa, where they play cricket with pupils and donate practical items such as pens and toothbrushes. “They come back as better individuals,” says manager Jonathan Perry.

George, Charlotte and Louis will also learn the importance of sustainability – a question that particularly fascinates their grandfather, Prince Charles.

Each class has a vegetable garden, there are lessons on ecology and the food industry, and students planted 300 saplings last year to reduce their carbon footprint. The school is also home to bunnies that children can pet at lunchtime.

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