The plight of the Ukrainian people was keenly felt at the Catherine McAuley School.

There have been various projects at the school on South Circular Road to help pupils understand what is going on, such as the Sunflower and Shamrock project.

First year Leaving Cert Applied students were inspired to help the people of Ukraine by raising funds for the Red Cross Ukraine Crisis Appeal. They linked two subjects – hotel, catering and tourism and career preparation and guidance – and with the help of their home economics teacher Mrs Burke and their class teachers Mrs McCarthy and Mrs Kennedy, they started a mini-company .

Cupcakes for a Cause was created. The students prepared extensively, including advertising the event, planning menus, choosing recipes, making shopping lists and taking orders.

These 11 students then took on the daunting task of baking and decorating hundreds of cupcakes for staff and students over three days. When the cupcake sale started, the demand for cupcakes exceeded all of our expectations.

Thanks to the generosity of students and staff at Catherine McAuley School, students raised €1,100 for the Ukrainian Red Cross crisis appeal.

Their compassion and enthusiasm are to be admired. They made everything look like a “peace” cake. The school’s principal, Greg Browne, praised the staff and students.

“Eight hundred cupcakes were made in one day and sold throughout the school. The purpose of education is to enable all students to better their own lives and those of others.

“This project showed that our students also meshed with what students are learning in social education about the world we live in,” Browne said.