You would think a wrestler would be brutal, tough and intimidating, always wanting to smash and put someone down.

Abigail… not so much. the Klein The Collins star is sweet, gentle, thoughtful and dare I say…don’t say it!

“You wouldn’t think it from the sport I play, but I’m really girly,” she laughs. “I love decorating rooms and arranging things to look really pretty.” curve ball.

She entered the sport through her sister and finished second in the district last season in qualifying for regionals. Although she is “cute”, Martinez is committed to her craft.

“I wrestle for Rise Wrestling and coach there as well,” she said. “I train my sister. I love it. Wrestling keeps me focused and disciplined. It also helps me a lot in time management. It gave me this urge to push myself beyond what I think I can do in all aspects of my life.

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“It’s such a competitive sport and no match is ever the same. It’s constantly evolving.

His goal this season is to cross the Region and get into State, but that will require more training and self-sacrifice.

“I love watching UK baking shows on Netflix and wrestlers love the food, right?” she laughs. “But I’ve put myself on a pretty strict diet to help me really compete this year. It is an entirely vegetarian diet. I eat two meats a week, consume less salt and eat no carbs.

“In wrestling you are always trying to gain weight and it’s constantly on your mind. Since I’ve been on this diet it has taken that stress away helping me focus more on my training and technique.

Ok, maybe she’s your typical wrestler.