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Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) can’t seem to say or do a thing that doesn’t remind us all that he’s currently under investigation for sex trafficking a 17-year-old girl. Just last month, Gaetz was among a handful of Republicans to vote against a bill against human trafficking. In July, Gaetz made rude comments about the body of a teenage abortion rights activist who inadvertently allowed him to raise funds more $1.5 million for abortion funds.

And as of this week, someone at Niceville High School in East Florida, specifically in Gaetz’s neighborhood, thought it was a good idea for Gaetz to have an “Academy Night.” On Tuesday, Gaetz led the briefing and recruiting session to get high school students enlisting in military academies, which requires a nomination from a congressman like Gaetz. The event legitimately drew strong reactions, particularly from the Women Against Matt Gaetz Facebook group and its 10,000 members.

In a Facebook Live video before the event, Cara Marion – a mom running for the Oklahoosa school board and a member of the group – pointed out that “when an administrator, or anyone in the school district, is subject to an investigation for a crime against children”, they are “prohibited in schools. »

“They are put on administrative leave,” Marion said. “Why would we allow Matt Gaetz, who is under federal investigation for sex trafficking of a minor, into our school district?” She added: “To put the kids in a position where they’re going to have to ask this person a favor, if you want, ‘hey, can you choose me?’ – what message are we sending to our children?”

Marion too Told vanity lounge that Gaetz’s presence in person was “very strange”, since most members of Congress handle military service recruiting and interviews for congressional nominations through their staffs. “My son went through the process in Colorado, in the Denver area. He never once met the congressman or senator he spoke to. It sounds like someone was desperate to meet local teenagers!

Image for article titled Matt Gaetz hosts high school event as part of sex trafficking investigation

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Per Gaetz’s house website, unless the investigation ends early and he’s not behind bars by then, he needs to host at least one more Academy party in the coming months. The Department of Justice is currently investigating Gaetz for three alleged offenses: having sex with a minor, violating federal sex trafficking laws by paying to transport the minor across state lines, and paying for sex with multiple women. There’s no shame in hiring company, but it’s certainly strange that Gaetz regularly attacks appearances by feminist women, including affirming Abortion rights protesters are too ugly to get pregnant and need abortions – when evidence suggests he has to pay women to have sex with him. His “wingman” (Matt Gaetz is 40) Joel Greenberg has already acknowledged the trafficking allegation and is currently cooperating with investigators.

Outrage over the event organized by Gaetz and the local school district also spread to Reddit, where a user share an email they had pre-written and sent to Okaloosa Schools Superintendent Marcus Chambers. “Any information he has to give can easily be passed on via email or even Zoom call with interested students and their parents. … It seems to me that the school system should not allow a person under investigation for sex with minors near a school, if only out of caution.

Democratic State Rep. Fentrice Driskell raised the question of the year regarding Gaetz’s attendance at school on Tuesday: [Gaetz] even pass a background check to volunteer with the school based on the county or school district’s own criteria? ” she asked vanity lounge. In his view, the county school volunteer application asks if the applicant has “pending criminal charges against him”. If Gaetz isn’t eligible to help sell cookies for a school bake sale, he probably shouldn’t be meeting a roomful of high school kids to join the military academies — who recently reported record rates of sexual assault, yes!

“There’s no good reason to allow this man around children,” Driskell said. “If you wouldn’t even allow a parent of a student who had these allegations to come and volunteer at the school, there shouldn’t be any special exceptions made for the likes of Matt Gaetz, especially with the particular allegations for which it is being examined. ”

A spokesperson for Gaetz, who is represented by an attorney who previously represented sex trafficker Jeffrey Epsteinhas since only responded as one would expect from a MAGA standard bearer answer“Congressman Gaetz was greeted by hundreds of supportive people last week. Not a single person has accused Congressman Gaetz of wrongdoing.

Okaloosa County Superintendent Marcus Chambers did not immediately respond to a asking for comment on the controversy the event has sparked, or whether it was the school district that invited Gaetz to speak.

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