Having fresh pastries every morning feels like our version of heaven, and our new online pastry classes will help ensure your kitchen always smells like French pastry. Try your hand at homemade cinnamon buns, pies and chocolate, well, everything. With these courses, you will become a pastry ace in no time!

Classic Croissants, Modern Techniques

We are absolutely in love with croissants in all their forms, but we can only imagine how good these freshly baked pastries will be. This course will teach you how to prepare four different recipes, including traditional, savory and almond-filled croissants.

Gluten-free pastry class

Cooking with the gluten-free girl

Gone are the days when you can’t have your favorite baked goods just because you’re gluten free. Learn how to make gluten-free flours for cookies, pies and more.

Flaky French pastries

Advanced flaky French pastries

You can’t fly to Paris every time you want a Chocolate bread (unfortunately) but you * can * bake all your favorite Danish croissants and pastries with this baking class.

Which pastry class are you looking forward to trying? You can also consult our Cooking classes for more inspiration!

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