Primary school children celebrated the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee with a baking competition.

Pupils from Park View Primary School celebrated the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee year with a baking competition, as well as a visit from a group of Grenadier Guards.

Since the start of 2022, the school has held a number of enrichment days to teach students about the Queen and her life, with the week starting May 16 seeing two of the school’s most anticipated events.

The judging of the baking competition took place on Tuesday, May 17.

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Dozens of students presented cakes they had decorated with the Union Flag, crowns and pictures of the Queen; at the end of the day, the cakes were sold to raise funds for Park View’s Jubilee Afternoon Tea.

The baking contest winners were then announced at the school‘s Pride of Park View assembly, with prizes going to 2 runners-up, the runner-up child, and a grand first prize for the winner; the winners all received Jubilee souvenirs as prizes.

This was not the only celebratory event the school held in honor of the Queen’s Jubilee; on Wednesday May 18, the school welcomed 5 members of the Grenadier Guard, who arrived dressed in everyday camouflage uniforms.

The soldiers spent the day talking about the history of the Grenadiers, as well as their role throughout the royal palaces; they also answered children’s questions, such as why they were bearskin hats.

During the day, the Key Stage 2 playground was transformed into an exercise square, students had the opportunity to march in formation to the beat of a drum.

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The students also had the pleasure of seeing some of the staff, including the headmistress, Mrs. Owens, try their hand at walking.

Speaking about the visit, a 3rd grade child said, “I loved hearing the flute, it gave me goosebumps. »

Another child commented: “The bugle made me jump because it was very loud.

Some 5th graders also got to try on some of the soldier’s armor and gear; one boy said, “I was surprised how heavy it was!

“Also, I hadn’t realized that everything was made from the same camouflage material.”

Park View Primary’s Jubilee schedule will end with an afternoon tea, as well as the launch of souvenir tea towels.

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