Katherine Taylor cooks in the kitchen of her home in Parkersburg. (Photo provided)

PARKERSBURG – Eighteen-year-old Katherine Taylor turned her hobby into a business by creating Katie’s Cookie Jar.

“I have been cooking since I was little, but last summer I started baking cookies” she said.

Taylor gives back to the community by hosting fundraising events through his business.

“Last winter I auctioned off a dozen cookies, and with the proceeds I was able to donate over 100 napkins to the Parkersburg High School napkin drive,” she said.

“Owning my own business gives me a lot of freedom as I am able to set my own boundaries with my business. I started decorating cookies over a year ago and it’s amazing how far the business has grown.

Katherine Taylor after the National English Honor Society induction ceremony. (Photo provided)

Taylor has decorated hundreds of cookies for births, holidays, birthdays, and many other occasions.

She sells her custom decorated sugar cookies through her Facebook page, Katie’s Cookie Jar.

She is in her final year at Parkersburg High School where she has a GPA of 4.33.

“I work very hard and I study a lot to keep good grades” she said.

Taylor is taking four double credit courses she is enrolled in through WVUP, including Algebra 3, AP Literature, US Government AP, and Human Anatomy and Physiology.

Katherine Taylor stands over her painted parking space at Parkersburg High School. (Photo provided)

Taylor said she has been going to the North Hills Swim and Snowshoe Club pool with her family every summer since she was little.

“I like to volunteer and give back to the community in various ways”, Taylor said. “I took swimming lessons at the North Hills Pool when I was a kid, and to think that now I’m the one teaching those lessons is crazy. The feeling of helping children finally achieve their achievements is unbeatable.

Taylor also volunteers with Icing Smiles as a member of the Cookie Club, Parkersburg Art Center, and various school clubs.

“As a cookie club volunteer, I make and send cookies to boost the morale of families in the area who currently have a troubled child and in need of a pick-me-up. “ she said.

Taylor has been a member of the freshman, sophomore, junior and senior cabinets, which coordinate events and fundraising events like the prom and graduation party.

From left to right, Chelsea Haught, Katherine Taylor and Addi Garner perform with the Red Wing Drill team at Parkersburg High School. (Photo provided)

She is also a member of the National English Honor Society, Key Club, Senior Women’s Club and volunteers in the community through them.

Taylor was also an intern at Universal Atlantic. The internship focused on social media and advertising.

“Being a social media and advertising intern at Universal Atlantic gave me exposure to the world of marketing and advertising. “ she said. “This is very important in today’s society because social media is becoming a very important medium of advertising. I think the younger generations are essential there because we are able to detect trends and integrate them into advertising. “

Taylor said she was unsure where she would like to go to college, but would prefer somewhere in the southern states. She said she planned to major in the medical field.

“I suffered from many skin problems growing up, and now my dream job is to be a dermatologist” she said. “I want to be able to help those who are struggling with the same issues as me. “

Katherine Taylor teaches swimming lessons at the North Hills Pool. (Photo provided)

In her spare time, she enjoys keeping up with the latest fashion trends, such as clothing and makeup.

She also enjoys drawing, painting, and using her iPad to focus on graphic design and create digital art. She enjoys cooking, baking, exercising, playing with her dogs, spending time with her friends and traveling with her family.

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Katherine Taylor pole vault during a track meet in Morgantown. (Photo provided)

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