Leilani Gamez
UHS Journalism

Neil Sturdevant


It’s not easy running a business as a high school student. It requires multitasking skills and hard work. But that doesn’t seem to be a problem for junior Ginobili Perez of Uvalde High School. He has his own baking business while taking classes and playing tennis at UHS.

Perez started baking when her mom bought some boxed cake and brownie mixes. Then he decided to expand his kitchen once he realized he really enjoyed it.

“Just like putting eggs, oil and water together and doing something, that interested me so I started doing it with more stuff,” Perez said.

Perez says his family is very supportive of his business and will help him with anything he needs.

“They’ll help me if I need something that’s not in town – like a saucepan that they don’t have in the local shops. My dad will just pick it up for me. And they buy me big packets of flour because the biggest bag I can find here runs out pretty fast.

Perez says he sells things like cookies, cakes and cupcakes. Its main site to sell and promote its products is through the social media platform, Instagram. Everything he sells is homemade.

Perez buys his tools and ingredients with his own money. And he takes care of all the cooking tasks on his own.

Perez’s favorite thing to make is red velvet cookie sandwiches.

“It’s the one I think I’ve almost perfected.” the the most difficult item he had to make was a fondant cake. Fondant, not to be confused with fondue, is a unique, stiffer type of icing commonly used when special sculpting is required for certain cake designs.

“You have to make sure the cake is solid and stable. And fondant is really hard to work with.

With her interest in baking, Perez is considering culinary school to pursue a career that will involve baking in the future.

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