You can learn absolutely everything online, from coding to art to baking. Whether you’re a home baker trying to perfect your cakes into a fluffy, melt-in-your-mouth treat, or a seasoned chef trying to learn new tips and tricks to stay on top of your game, or even someone who missed the bread baking phase. lockdown because you don’t know pastry from A to Z, there’s a course for you. Here are some platforms that offer online baking lessons.

Manjus cooking class

They offer both baking and cooking classes. This platform is perfect for those trying to learn a few dishes, or even improve their skills by focusing on a few items. Classes are divided into categories such as “Bread Baking”, “Puff Pastry Making” and “Pie Baking Class” to name a few. They even have classes focused on cooking without eggs. They offer live interactive sessions, as well as recordings of their class along with recipe PDFs.

Contact: Whatsapp on 93421 43126 or log on to

Price: From Rs 1,200.

Cooking with Gunjan

Home baker and blogger Gunjan Sharma offers classes that might be especially exciting for those who are vegan or follow a gluten-free or egg-free diet. She offers live lessons as well as recorded sessions for those who like to learn at their own pace.

Contact: Visit @bakewithgunjan on Instagram or contact them on 95824 48518 or [email protected]

Price: From Rs 990.

Bake and Bake with Deepali

Deepali Sawant runs a culinary institute on Sarjapur Road and even offers certification courses. It’s for everyone, from home cooks, home bakers to professionals. She offers baking, baking, and even chocolate-making classes.

Contact: Call 99860 38070 or visit

Price: From Rs 3,000.

Shini’s Cooking Class

Based in Thannisandra, Shini’s Cooking Classes focus on the science behind cooking. Chocolate making, cake decorating, frosting and bread baking are some of the courses she offers.

Contact: Visit Shiniscookingclassbangalore on Facebook or contact them on 97312 75549.

Price: From Rs 350

Menna’s Delight

Marina, a home baker located in Domlur, provides baking and decorating classes for beginners and home chefs. Currently, it offers an eight-day ‘Bread and Puff Pastry Specialist Course’, short weekend courses focusing on particular recipes, and a 12-day course for beginners.

Contact: Call 93793 98865 or email [email protected]

Price: From Rs 900.