STAUNTON, Va. (WHSV) — Parents in Staunton got up late Friday night to bake baked goods for Saturday’s bake sale to raise money and protest the city’s proposed budget for schools.

Just behind the Saturday morning farmer’s market was a corner of freshly baked sweets and frustrated parents discussing how proposed school funding is affecting them.

“As members of the PTA – as parents – we do things like this all the time to raise money for our schools, so we kind of wanted to do it as an awareness-raiser. You know, we do our share as parents, and we’re just asking the city to do the bare minimum for our schools,” Staunton Schools parent Kristin Siegel.

Parents believe Staunton schools have not been properly funded for the past three years and they say they need to step in with events like today’s bake sale.

“We need to talk a bit because this is not a new issue, but it’s definitely come to a head and so it’s time to do something about it,” said Staunton parent and teacher Nate Lawrence.

A teacher himself, one thing Lawrence needs most to do his job well is the support staff.

“I can’t do my job if I don’t have bus drivers, if I don’t have people who help clean the schools, the cafeteria workers, all the people who are in the classrooms , and maybe they don’t have teachers behind their names, but the work they do is just as important as us and it makes my job easier,” Lawrence said.

Parents worry that their children are not getting the right education to succeed in life and fear that more teachers will also start to leave.

“Support the schools. Make children a priority; make sure they know their future is secure. My 15-year-old son wants to be a music teacher, and right now his future isn’t looking great,” said Samantha Hopkins, a Staunton Schools mom.

The bake sale was a success and gave parents a sense of hope knowing the community was behind them.

“What events like this show is that when people show up for things like this, it’s a really good example that community support is there for people to speak up. voice,” Lawrence said.

These parents were grateful to see the community behind them, but say it’s also important to be loud at times like this.

“We won’t stop, we’ll keep doing it and we’ll keep getting out there and making noise and being proud of it,” Hopkins said.

They ask you to email the city council or attend council meetings so they see that a large group is concerned about the same issue.

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