The Victor and Winifred Awosika Foundation donated a well-equipped vocational training center and play area with modern instruments and facilities tailored to the special needs of children to Maryland Inclusive School in Lagos State.

According to a statement on Thursday, the Chairman of the Universal Basic Education Board of Lagos State, Wahab Alawiye-King congratulated the foundation during a handover event held in Lagos, adding that the foundation continued to show how individuals and organizations can support the government to close the education gap in the country.

“You have shown us that government alone cannot do this. In your own magnanimity, you have been able to empower us, providing amenities that will make teaching and learning seamless for the inclusive unity of this school, and we know the type of students we welcome to this unity,” he said.

VAWA Principal Bankole Awosika said the move was aimed at improving the quality of education and providing vocational training for students with special needs to prepare them for future careers.

Awosika said, “After initial visits to the school to see the children and assess their needs, we embarked on the Maryland Inclusive School Projects to provide a vocational training room, so the students could learn trades such as beard, hairdressing, sewing, baking and fine arts.”

“These professional trades are carefully chosen because they encourage the use of their hands to further develop their psychomotor skills. In addition, we have renovated and equipped the music room with instruments like drums, keyboards, other local instruments, television, PA system and satellite system, so that students can harness their creative talents. .

“We have also improved the playground by introducing the trampoline, swing, slide and carousel. In the future, we will provide an occupational therapist and instructors to help teach the children about the different trades. This is in addition to plowing and painting classrooms, as well as providing a driver for school bus trips.