The next pastry competition Chocolate School is a Netflix original series that will leave you in awe of the pastry creations and chocolate centerpieces featured throughout its first season.

As the title of the show makes clear, an essential part of this series is that it is also a learning environment for its participants. Over the course of eight episodes, they will learn tricks of the trade that will elevate not only their pastry and chocolate knowledge, but their skills as well.

They will be instructed by Amaury Guichon, a world-class chocolatier who uses sweet confectionery to create stunning realistic art from a lighthouse to a candelabra with a surprise hidden inside.

Under his guidance, each candidate will participate in challenges that extend their imagination and understanding of what they are capable of creating using chocolate as a medium.

At the end of Chocolate School, one of the eight chefs will be named “Best in Class” and receive $ 50,000 to start his own small business and move on to the next step in his career. They will also give an international master class at Chef Guichon’s pastry academy in Las Vegas.

Here is more information on the series which will premiere on Friday, November 26!

Synopsis of the chocolate school

The official synopsis via Netflix:

Eight great pastry and chocolate professionals come to the chocolate school to take their
skills and careers at higher level. Their teacher is the world famous chocolatier, Amaury Guichon, known the world over for creating mind-blowing chocolate pieces and incredible pastries. A lucky student who succeeds in proving he is “the best in his class” after eight episodes will win an award including a career change opportunity.

Candidates for the chocolate school

  • Amanda, chief instructor
  • Stéphanie, pastry chef of the hotel
  • Thiago, executive pastry chef
  • Juan, executive pastry chef
  • Cédrick, pastry chef
  • Mellisa, restaurateur and executive pastry chef
  • Tyricie, pastry chef
  • Daniel, chocolate maker and pastry chef

Chocolate School Trailer

Watch the Pastry Contest Trailer below:

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