On November 1, the world-renowned Le Cordon Bleu culinary school will launch its first vegan pastry class. The online certificate course in herbal pastry provides students with training in the basics of baking, allergens and substitutions. The 10-week course has been designed and will be delivered by chefs at Le Cordon Bleu and includes online cooking demonstrations, theory lessons, tutorials and seminars. The course explores a variety of aeration, emulsification, thickening and setting techniques to help students create herbal versions of baking classics to keep them competitive in the culinary world, which continues to move towards a cuisine focused on sustainability and health. .

“The certificate is based on the fundamental techniques and tradition of classic pastry making, using only ingredients of plant origin, which are rapidly evolving in the industry”, said the deputy director of Le Cordon Bleu pastry shop Nicolas Houchet in a communicated. “Following clients’ interest in nutrition and healthy diets, the course aims to provide a new approach to the art of baking.”

The online Pastry Certificate costs € 1,699.00 ($ 1,959) and builds on the Le Cordon Bleu Diploma in Plant-Based Culinary Arts, a program announced in 2020 that will begin at its London campus year round. next. Le Cordon Bleu creates short programs, online training and professional development programs to meet the exponential demand for education in the field of plant-based cooking.

Vegan culinary schools

While some of the best culinary schools offer herbal resources and courses, some students choose to attend an all-vegan institution, the availability of which has increased in recent years. Last year, Boulder, CO became home to the Vegan Fusion Culinary Academy (VFCA) where celebrity vegan chef Mark Reinfeld helps students achieve their plant-based cooking skills. The school offers programs to train aspiring chefs, help current chefs learn plant-based cooking techniques, and inspire home cooks to bring plant-based dishes to their tables. When it opened, VFCA applied to the state of Colorado to become the country’s first accredited vegan culinary school.

Home to some of the country’s most lavish hotels and buffets, Las Vegas will soon have its first vegan culinary school. Founded by local chef Mindy Poortinga and Heather Heath, Vegas Vegan Culinary School & Eatery will offer a variety of fun cooking classes as well as a deli and coffee counter. The school will also offer food delivery services in the future.

Vegan culinary icon and restaurateur Matthew Kenney opened his eponymous vegan cooking school Matthew Kenney Culinary over 15 years ago. Last year, Kenney launched The Future Food Institute (FFI), an online cooking school with the same mission of making plant-based foods the norm. Currently, FFI offers two courses, Foundations and Home, both of which feature top-notch videography, elegant photography, and Kenney’s exclusive curriculum.

In addition to culinary schools offering herbal cooking classes, individual chef instructors are embracing animal-free alternatives to create a better future for the culinary arts. In April, chef Daryl Shular partnered with vegan brand Meatless Farm to use the brand’s products at his culinary school and restaurant, Shular Institute and Farmed Kitchen & Bar, in Atlanta, Georgia. The six-month partnership resulted in a series of Cook With Chef videos, summer pop-ups and barbecues, and scholarships for Shular Institute students to support their culinary goals.

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